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HeYuanTop Strategy Electronics Co.,Ltd.

展位号Booth Number:A37

Company PR Contact Name and TelephoneNumber/Email-address

联系人信息: 姓名:吴宗立     电话:13502800199   邮箱地址:display-china@VIP.163.com

Contact:   Name:   Kavin Wu    Tel:13502800199      E-mail:display-china@VIP.163.com

公司简介Company Profile   

河源思比电子有限公司(HeYuan Top Strategy Electronics Co.,Ltd.)

坐落于广东省河源市临江工业园(距高铁河源东站800m)。总 资 本: 3000万美金,占地面积: 25000㎡ ,厂房面积:33000㎡。研发部人员:70人,

品质人员: 80人,总雇员: 700人。拥有ISO9001、ISO14001、IATF16949和ISO13485四大体系认证。产品销往40多个国家和地区(80%外销、20%国内),年销售额接近4亿,并拥有自己的专利,是当地明星企业。

HeYuan Top Strategy Electronics Co. Ltd. is located in LinJiang Industrial Estate, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province (800m away from Heyuan East Station of high-speed Railway).   Our company has total capital: 30 million dollars, covers an area of 25,000 square meters, factory area: 33,000 square meters, R&D Department personnel: 70 people, Quality personnel: 80 people, total employees: 700 people. Our company is with ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and ISO13485, four system certifications. Products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions (80% export, 20% domestic), annual sales amount is close to RMB400,000,000, and our company have our own patents, and we are a local star enterprise.

拟展示产品或服务名称Description of the Productand Service

我们拥有先进的Mono-LCD、COB、COG、CTP&贴合、BLU组装、SMT以及OEM设备,可以生产所有类型的黑白玻璃、黑白模组(包括COB模式和COG模式)、CTP、BLU以及TFT模组、OLED模组、电子纸和OEM产品。我司是一家有着17年研发、生产及销售LCD产品经验的高新技术企业。不仅可以做液晶显示屏,而且可以带控制主板一起Total solution。

We have advanced Mono-LCD, COB, COG, CTP& bonding, BLU assembling, SMT as well as OEM equipment to produce all types of mono LCD, mono modules (including COB mode and COG mode), CTP, BLU as well as TFT modules, OLED modules, E-paper and OEM products. HeYuan Top Strategy Electronics Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with 17 years designing, production and sales experience of LCD products, not only can we produce the LCD modules, but also, we can design and produce the total solution with control board.