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联系人信息: 姓名:张兆阳 电话:18566749857   邮箱地址:zhangzhaoyang.zzy@bytedance.com

Contact:Name: ZhaoyangZhang Tel: 18566749857   E-mail:zhangzhaoyang.zzy@bytedance.com

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2020年度,旗舰级产品PICONeo2 Eye入选了《时代周刊》全球100大最佳发明。

2021年9月,字节跳动收购PICO,在原有业务基础上,正式组建字节XR 业务线,并积极拓展国际市场。

Founded in March 2015, PICO is a leading VR company with independent innovation and R&D capabilities, focusing on the VR all-in-one technology. PICO is committed to offering immersive and interactive VR experiences to our customers, including providing tailor-made solutions for our enterprise clientsin the fields of education and healthcare. In May 2022, PICO launched its flagship 2-in-1 headset Neo3 Link in global markets.

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PICO4是PICO最新一代6DoF Pancake VR一体机,致力于开启国内VR大众化之路。与上一代一体机相比,PICO 4在硬件以及软件上进行了全面的升级。在内容生态上,PICO 4致力于打造国内最丰富的VR内容生态。

PICO4 is the latest generation of PICO 6DoF Pancake VR All in One, dedicated to opening the road to the popularization of domestic VR.