Dan Luo

Prof. Dan Luo received his B.S. degree inopto-electronic engineering from Tianjin University, China, in 2004, and thePh.D. degree in electronic engineering from Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Singapore, 2012, respectively. From 2012 to 2013, he was a researchfellow in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU. Prof. Luojoined Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in 2013. Now, heis an Associate Professor (Tenured) in Department of Electrical and ElectronicEngineering. His research interests include organic tunable laser, novelreflective liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal tunable photonic/terahertzdevices, electrically/optically controllable light shutters/smart windows andliquid crystal biosensor. He has published 70 papers in Advanced OpticalMaterials, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical,Scientific Reports, Applied Physics Letters, Optics Express and so on. He alsohas 1 patent granted and 6 patents pending. Prof. Luo was the recipient of OttoLehmann Award, Germany, 2011; Chinese Government Award for OutstandingSelf-Financed Students Abroad, 2011; SPIE Scholarship in Optics and Photonics,2012; and IEEE Photonic Society Graduate Student Fellowships, 2012. He was alsothe recipient of Talent of Peacock Program B, Shenzhen, China. He was the PI of9 projects from National Natural Science Fund of China, Ministry of Education,Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Council, Peacock Talent ProgramsResearch Start-up Grant, and TCL group. He was also the co-PI of Branch Projectof National Key Research and Development Program, Shenzhen Peacock teamproject, and project from Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Council.

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