Wei Hu

Biography: Wei Hu, Tang Scholar, professor of optical engineering, Nanjing university. His research interest focuses on liquid crystal materials and optical devices. His initiative works on photo-guided architecture of liquid crystal superstructures and optically addressed spatial light modulator have been widely recognized in materials, physics and optics communities. He has published 98 peer reviewed journal papers, 7 book chapters and over 80 conference contributions, and held 58 issued/pending patents. He serves as an editorial board member for Scientific Reports, guest editor for Optics Express and an active reviewer for over 30 journals. 胡伟,南京大学现代工程与应用科学学院教授、仲英青年学者。围绕液晶这一性能独特的软物质材料,从事液晶光控畴工程、光寻址液晶调光技术、液晶光通讯与THz元件三方面研究。已在Adv. Mater.(5), Light Sci. Appl.(2), Phys. Rev.系列(5), Appl. Phys. Lett.(11), Opt. Express/Opt. Lett.(14)等刊物上发表论文98篇,被引1600余次,H-index 25。研究工作被Materials Views, Laser Focus World, Vertical News等媒体关注报导,并多次入选期刊年度Top-download/cited paper;申请发明专利58项,撰写书籍章节7章,在国际国内会议做邀请报告30余次。担任Sci. Rep.编委,Opt. Express专刊编辑和三十余种SCI期刊审稿人;中国液晶青年学者论坛发起人和首届会议组织者,2018国际液晶光子学会议组委会共主席、2018物理学会秋季年会液晶分会共同召集人、2019亚洲液晶会议程序委员会主席。

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