Dr. Chien Received his PhD in Polymer Science from Univ. Southern Mississippi in 1988 and joined the Liquid Crystal Institute of Kent State University in 1988. He is a Professor at Liquid Crystal Institute and Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program of Kent State University.  Dr. Chien is an inventor/co-inventor of polymer-stabilized liquid crystal technologies for eWriter ( Boogie Boards), color e-Readers, and specialized in none-contact liquid crystal alignment, Inkjet-printing and fast-switching liquid crystal display technologies with 300+ scientific papers, 31 issued and 26 pending patent applications. Dr. Chien is a fellow of SPIE, and has served as a conference chair/co-chair for SPIE Photonics West, MRS, Gordon Research Conference on Liquid Crystals, Optics of Liquid Crystals and International Liquid Crystal Conference and Symposium of Photonics on Liquid Crystals.  

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