Tadahiro Furukawa

Tadahiro Furukawa received his master's degree from Saitama University in 1984. He worked at Kyodo Printing Co., LTD from 1984 to 2011. He developed a color filter for LCD from 1984, finally set up a production line and produced it. Since that time was the dawn of the LCD, technologies such as process and equipment were almost original. The main technologies were fine patterning technology and color chemistry and production control. He started developing flexible display in 1996. He developed flexible color filters, flexible LCD, and applications using flexible LCD. After he worked as general manager of research & development department, he changed to Yamagata University in 2011. His recent developments are process technologies for electronics, such as roll-to-roll technology, printing technology, vacuum deposition technology. He has worked in standardization activities. He is co-chair of the FPD Materials & Components Committee of SEMI Standards Technical Committees. He has been involved in IEC / TC 110 / WG 8 (flexible display) and IEC / TC 119 (Printed Electronics).

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