Chao Jiang

江潮,研究员,博士生导师。中科院“百人计划”择优支持入选者。1986年毕业于北京大学物理系,获学士学位。1998年获中国科学院半导体研究所工学博士学位。曾于1998年至2005年先后在日本北海道大学和东京大学从事博士后研究。近年主持国家自然科学基金仪器专项及多个面上项目等。获北京市科学技术三等奖(2016)一项。在国际科技期刊发表SCI收录文章110余篇,被引1300余次。主要研究方向:1.高速有机小分子场效应晶体管制备及导电和稳定性机理研究 2.有机柔性电子器件大面积制备工艺及电路集成研究。

Prof. Dr. Chao JIANG, male, born in January, 1965. Being the Professor of Physics in National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China, from 2005. Awarded by the “Hundred Talent Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007. He received his BS from Peking University in 1986, and PhD from Institute of Semiconductors, CAS in 1998. From 1998 to 2005, Prof. Jiang, as post-doctoral researcher and JSPS Foreigner Research Fellow working on fabrication of low-dimensional semiconductors and its characterization in Hokkaido University and University of Tokyo, respectively. He is the principal Scientist for the “973” project of “Standardization for the key Nano-measurement Techniques” (2006-2010). His current research interests include (1) Organic electronics and its larger area circuit architectures; (2) Optical characterization and nano-metrology.

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