Seth Coe-Sullivan

Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan is VP and Chief Technology Officer of Luminit LLC, where he is responsible for driving growth and new product introduction from both the research and development and business development directions. His team is currently introducing new products involving transparent holographic components and computer generated holography, and collaborating with the US government on a variety of longer term research projects. Before joining Luminit, Seth was co-founder, member of the Board of Directors, and Chief Technology Officer of QD Vision (acq. Samsung). Seth developed the Quantum Dots Forum, the annual meeting of the QD Industry, where he serves as an Advisory Board Member, and is a Committee Chair of the Society for Information Display’s Emissive Display Forum. He also currently advises several start-up companies in their pre-funding or early technology development phases, and serves on the Engineering Advisory Council of Brown University’s School of Engineering. Coe-Sullivan received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005, and Sc.B from Brown University in 1999. He is a named inventor on dozens of issued US and International patents in the display and QD field, author of numerous papers, and a sought after invited speaker at conferences worldwide where he is considered one of the pre-eminent thought leaders of the QD Industry.

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