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北京汇德信科技有限公司是EULITHA AG在中国的独家代理。EULITHA于2006年在瑞士阿尔高州成立。EULITHA在以EUV技术为基础的产品进入市场后,又增加了先进的电子束光刻技术,扩大了产品范围。2010年,EULITHA宣布突破性的PHABLE™技术,极大地简化了在大面积区域内周期性纳米结构的生产。EULITHA公司背靠保罗谢尔研究所的强大研究团队,多年来不断致力于提升技术能力,目前客户已经分布在全球众多领域的顶尖科研院所和工业企业。

EULITHA was founded in 2006 in the canton Aargau of Switzerland. Its founders have led the development of Extreme Ultraviolet Interference Technology at the Paul ScherrerInstitute. Having entered the market with products based on its EUV technology,Eulitha has expanded its range of products with the addition of state-of-the-art electron beam lithography technology to its capabilities. In2010, Eulitha announced the breakthrough PHABLE™ technology, which greatly simplifies production of periodic nanostructures over large areas. The company has a global customer base of researchers from industrial and academic laboratories.

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PhableR series manual lithography system for pilotproduction and research.

PhableX series automatic lithographysystem for high volume production

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