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联系人信息: 姓名:张伟   电话:13524396303   邮箱地址

Contact:   Name: Zhangwei   Tel: 13524396303

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   LinkGlobal21 于 2016 年从 DAOUinCUBE Inc. 的半导体/IT 部门独立后成为法人。我们专注于 EDA解决方案和光学仿真解决方案业务。光学解决方案的开发从 1999 年开始并在全球市场上展示领先技术。 主要产品为LCD、OLED等显示仿真解决方案。 目前扩展到图像传感器、摩尔纹检测等各个行业。迄今全球客户数量超过50家公司。 LinkGlobal21继续在光模拟解决方案领域中扮演重要的角色,直到最终建立全球光学模拟平台。

LinkGlobal21 was the Semiconductor/IT division of DAOUinCUBE Inc. in2016 and spun off in July 2016. We focus on EDA(Electric Design Automation)Solution and Optic Simulation Solution business.Display simulation solution like LCD and OLED was main product. Wehave been expanding into various industries such as image sensor, Moire inspection, and etc. Now thenumber of customers in world is over 50 companies. LinkGlobal21 continuouslywill do the role as the leading company in optic simulation solution.

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ExpertOLED;ExpertMOIRE; ExpertLCD; ExpertCIS; ExpertIP; ExpertRC; ExpertRT; VerticalViewer; LCD MAX

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