​Hongbo Guo


Hongbo Guo,with 5 years of industry research experience, has worked in two internationally renowned financial data company and consulting firm. He has participated in and managed many research and consulting projects, and has rich experience in data analysis, industry research and consulting. He is good at research and analysis of commercial display market and upstream and downstream industry chain. Currently working as a senior research manager at AVC, he is mainly responsible for the analysis and research of the commercial display market. He has a broad and in-depth understanding of the IWB subdivision."

New opportunities for commercial display under the context of "New Retail"

Hongbo Guo


In recent years, the continuous expansion of the application of commercial display products has become a veritable ""high growth"" industry in the display industry. Similarly, in 2018, when the overall macro environment was not as expected, the commercial display industry still did not live up to expectations. It has made outstanding performances in the market segments, including the doubling of conference tablets and the explosion of elevator media advertising machines. This report will analyze and summarize the 2018 commercial display market. At the same time, the concept of ""new retail"" has been popular in various industries in the past two years, its upgrading and transformation of the traditional retail industry provides new opportunities for the development of commercial display, which will also be interpreted and shared in this report."