Kimi Lin

Kimi Lin.pngKimi Lin

Senior Analyst, Touch and Interface

Kimi Lin is a Senior Analyst for Touch Technologies in theIHS Markit Technology group. Based in China, Kimi joined IHS Markit in September 2016, focusing on touch panels and China’ssmall/medium display markets. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Kimi was a Senior Analyst at Tianma Group, where he spentover 2 years in LCD and AMOLED Market Research. He also oversaw the China FPDindustry market at the Topology Research Institute for over 5 years. Kimi has aBachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master’s degree inMicroelectronics from Shanghai University, China.

Exploring display UI features

   Touch, cover lens and fingerprint trends


Touch and cover lens have always been one of the important components thatrestrict the commercialization of foldable display devices. It is not easy tofind materials that meet the requirements of thin, scratch-resistant, transparent,bendable and foldable at the same time, and to maintain electrical performanceas well. Many manufacturers in the industry are deploying solutions andcountermeasures actively. 2019 was called the first year of development of thefoldable display. This presentation will discuss its development and forecast.In addition, as the brands continue to increase the demand for screen-to-body ratio,fingerprints are getting more and more attention. After the whole year ofcommercial use in 2018, the fingerprint penetration rate has increased rapidly,and at the same time, different technologies have been developed. It’s even saidthat Apple will return to the fingerprint camp, this presentation will alsoexplore the development of fingerprints.