Fiona Wu

Fiona Wu 照片.jpgFiona Wu is senior analystof Beijing SigmaIntell Co., Ltd,mainlyresponsible for the smartphone panel market analysis and research. Fiona Wu hasover 5 years research experience in OLED market. She worked in Visionox whichis the famous OLED panel factory in China, specializing in market analysis. Shehas unique insights in the small & medium panel market development andpanel technology trends.

Development trends of flexible OLED market in 2019

OLED conceptstocks rise continuously since 2019, and the mainly reason is the foldable smartphone which is pursued byvarious manufacturers such as Samsung, HW, OPPO ect. What is the space offlexible OLED market in 2019? What is the penetration about flexible AMOLED inthe future? What are the opportunities and challenges? In this report, Fiona Wuwill give you the latest information about the development of flexible AMOLEDmarket, and combine with the development status of flexible AMOLED panel andfuture market demand, to further interpret global flexible AMOLED supply anddemand trends.