Carina Jiao

姓名:焦亚茹 Carina Jiao33ee161087c251a85348bb092dedf6c_副本.jpg

职位:资深分析师 Senior Analyst



在群智咨询(Sigmaintell)主要负责全球IT面板市场的分析和研究, 对供应链、技术发展方向有较深入的了解。

Carina Jiao has morethan 9 years working experience in display industry.

Once worked in LCD vendorsfor failure analysis and product planning and management, deeply studied themarket, technology and supply chain of display products, and cooperated withupstream and downstream suppliers of notebook and display.

In Sigmaintell, she ismainly responsible for the analysis and research of global IT panel market, andhad a deep understanding of supply chain and technology trend.




同时,在技术革新以及创新应用双架马车的拉动下,未来全球大尺寸面板产业依然是机遇与挑战并存。报告将围绕着全球高世代面板产线的投资趋势, TV面板技术革新的方向以及供需趋势预测展开分析。

Opportunitiesand Challenges of the Global Large-Size Panel Industry


In theturbulent global political and economic trend, the demand for traditionallarge-size application panels is not good, while the investment boom of panelmakers for high-generation panel production lines is not diminished.  The panel production capacity continues toexpand, and the supply and demand of large-size LCD panels in the future is notoptimistic. Panel manufacturers will face unprecedented business challenges.

At the sametime, under the influence of two horse-drawn carriages, technologicalinnovation and innovative applications, the global large-size panel industrywill still face opportunities and challenges in the future. The report willfocus on the investment trends of the global high-generation panel productionline, the direction of TV panel technology innovation and the forecast of supplyand demand trends.