Zine Bouhamri

4.jpgDr. Zine Bouhamri

Technology &Market Analyst – Displays

YoleDéveloppement, France


As atechnology and market analyst for the display industry, Dr. Zine Bouhamri is amember of the Photonics, Sensing and Display division at Yole Développement.Zine manages the day-to-day production of technology and market reports, aswell as custom consulting projects. He is also deeply involved in businessdevelopment activities for the Displays unit at Yole.

Previously,Zine was in charge of numerous R&D programs at Aledia. In his time there hedeveloped strong technical expertise as well as a detailed understanding of thedisplay industry. Zine is the author and co-author of several papers andpatents.

Dr.Bouhamri holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the National PolytechnicInstitute of Grenoble (France), one from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy), anda PhD in Radio Frequency and Optoelectronics from Grenoble University (France).


Is 2019 going to be the year for MicroLEDs?


MicroLEDtechnology could match or exceed LCD and OLEDs for most key display attributes.However, it is also an inherently complex technology. Manufacturing a 4Kresolution display implies assembling and connecting 25 million MicroLED chipsthe size of large bacteria without a single error, with placement accuracy of 1µm or less. Increasing numbers of companies are still focusing on realizingtheir first prototype, but the most advanced have realized that bringing up thetechnology from the level of functioning demo to consumer-grade products mightrequire more effort than anticipated.

At thesupply chain level, enabling large scale MicroLED displays requires bringingtogether three major disparate technologies and supply chain elements: LED,thin-film transistor (TFT) backplane and chip transfer. The supply chain iscomplex and lengthy compared with that of traditional displays. Each process iscritical and managing every aspect effectively will be challenging.

In thistalk, we will address the most recent MicroLED advances; we then take theopportunity to raise awareness about MiniLEDs in displays and see if they candisrupt the value proposition of current display technologies.