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Contact:   Name: ZhangLi Weng Tel: 0571-86698333   E-mail:china@everfine.cn

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EVERFINE Corporation (stock code: 300306) is a professional supplier of display photoelectric detection instrument and calibration service, We are devoted to provide photoelectric measurement solutions for display backlight, Mini/Micro-LED, LCD, OLED, laser projector.virtual reality, vehicle display and related materials and devices. Our products are widely applied in measurement of display in R & D, quality inspection laboratories and production linetesting. Until now, we have provided advanced products, solutions and calibration service to more than 10,000 customers in the world, including 3C electronic consumer terminal customers, universities and quality inspection institutions.

Description of the Productand Service

NEDS-2000 NEAR-EYE DISPLAY ROBOTIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEM / DMS-1500 Optical Property Test System for Displays /CXC Imaging Luminance Meter / SRC-600 Spectral Radiance Colorimeter...