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Contact:   Name: Zhangwei   Tel: 13524396303

Company Profile

LinkGlobal21 was the Semiconductor/IT division of DAOUinCUBE Inc. in2016 and spun off in July 2016. We focus on EDA(Electric Design Automation)Solution and Optic Simulation Solution business.Display simulation solution like LCD and OLED was main product. Wehave been expanding into various industries such as image sensor, Moire inspection, and etc. Now thenumber of customers in world is over 50 companies. LinkGlobal21 continuouslywill do the role as the leading company in optic simulation solution.

Description of the Productand Service

ExpertOLED;ExpertMOIRE; ExpertLCD; ExpertCIS; ExpertIP; ExpertRC; ExpertRT; VerticalViewer; LCD MAX