Kerui Xi

Personal Introduction

Kerui Xi, the technical director of the smartsensor department of Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and the vice presidentof Micro LED Research Institute, with more than 10 years of display technologydevelopment experience. Led the team to complete the development of TP celltechnology, special-shaped display, 3D printing, digital microfluidictechnology, Micro LED and other technologies, applied for more than 400 inventionpatents at home and abroad, and more than 180 have been authorized. Won the22nd China Patent Excellence Award; The third National "Outstanding Awardfor Innovation of Youth in Central Enterprises", the "Second Prizefor Scientific and Technological Invention" of Shanghai in 2016, and the"Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress" of Shanghaiin 2019.

Speech Introduction

Micro LEDs:Materials and Devices, Integrations and their Applications.
This course will start from the main aspects of Micro-LED display trend andadvantages, Micro-LED materials and chips, TFT substrate technology andchallenges, Micro-LED integration process and market expectations andapplications, focusing on the development of Micro-LED technology based on LTPSTFT substrate, and combining the current technology accumulation, showing theprospects for the Micro-LED industry.