Dirk Hertel

Personal Introduction

Dr. Dirk Hertel is PrincipalScientist at E Ink Corp., working on reflective color display technologies andmodeling, display metrology, and optical display measurement standards. Heserves as expert as expert in several working groups of the InternationalElectrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Organization forStandardization (ISO) and the International Committee for Display Metrology(ICDM),   where he contributes research to current standardizationprojects. His previous professional experience includes color night vision withnear-infrared sensitivity (Melexis), wide dynamic range imaging (SensataTechnologies), camera phone image quality (Cypress Semiconductor), digitalcolor printing (Polaroid), and silver halide imaging science (Kodak Ltd., U.K.,and IAPP Dresden, Germany). He received his Physics degree and Dr. rer. nat.for imaging research from the Technical University Dresden (Germany), and ismember of the Society for Information Display (SID), Society for ImagingScience and Technology (IS&T), Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC), TheColour Group (Great Britain), and the German Society for Photography (DGPh).

Speech Introduction

Reflective ePaper displays offerunique advantages (paper-like appearance, sunlight readability, low energy),enabling new applications beyond eReaders. After having achieved widespread usein achromatic reading devices, reflective color is the next frontier. Thisseminar will first introduce the audience into the basic optical principles ofreflective displays, and map current avenues of making them colorful. Thesecond part of the seminar gives an overview of how to use newly developedindustry standards to correctly evaluate the optical and color performance ofreflective displays in realistic ambient viewing environments. This quantifiesthe fundamental advantages of reflective vs. emissive displays in terms ofpaper similarity and eye safety.