Junbiao Peng(彭俊彪)

Junbiao Peng,Distinguished Professor of Guangdong Province; Head of the Institute of DisplayTechnology in South China University of Technology; Deputy Director of theState Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices.

Research direction:Focusing on the field of organic/polymer luminescence and displays, (1) organiclight-emitting diodes and displays (OLEDs); (2) Printing organic/polymer films;(3) OLED device physics; (4) Thin film transistor (TFT) and array driver.

Main achievements:The first full printed color OLED light-emitting display in the world has beenjointly developed, including the printing and preparation of metal cathode; Inventedthe rare earth doped oxide thin film transistor (TFT) semiconductor materials,broke through the key technology of high-performance TFT array backplane. Basedon the rare earth doped oxide TFT technology, took the lead in realizingfull-color, transparent, touch sensitive AMOLED displays, as well ashigh-performance color flexible AMOLED displays. In the field oforganic/polymer light-emitting materials and devices, won one second prize ofNational Natural Science Award, one first prize of Guangdong Natural ScienceAward, and one first prize of Guangdong Scientific and Technological InventionAward; published more than 200 research papers and authorized more than 70patents.