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ICDT 2023 exhibition will take place in China Nanjing International Exhibition Center from April 1 to 3. More than 3000 displaypractitioners are expected to visit the on-site exhibition. During the event, we provide an ICDT Exhibition Global Outreach Platform for overseas display companies to build business cooperation with prospective Chinese customers orenhance brand awareness of your companies in China market.

The ICDT organizing committee are delighted to provide you with the “Exhibition Representative Service”. We can help your company in showing your products and technology in a physical booth at the on-site exhibit to invoke the brand awareness of your company among 3000 exhibitvisitors.

Ø   by playing your company’s videos in a continuous loop

Ø running a poster campaign at the on-site exhibit

Ø   collecting the business cards left at your physical booth and sendthem to you through e-mail after the exhibition

Ø   promoting your company in China by putting your company’sinformation and video onto the SID China official website for one month afterthe exhibition.

Ø   arranging a dedicated time for you to promote yourproduct/technology in the ICDT exhibitor forum and have chance to interact withthe visitors in real-time through Zoom.

Sign up to be a part of the ICDT 2023 exhibition.

ICDT 2023 exhibit visitors are from 300+Chinese companies, 120+ universities and institutions. They are all your prospective customers who may be interested in your company’s technology or products, and you could have real-time online communication with them through Zoom.

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  • please contact the Conference secretariat: tina@sidchina.org if any questions
Exhibition Information

International Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_01.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_02.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_03.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_04.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_05.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_06.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_07.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_08.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_09.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_10.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_11.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_12.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_13.jpgInternational Display Technology Exhibition 2023_页面_14.jpg
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