The metaverse connects the real world and the virtual world, it is the carrier of human digital existence, enhancing experience and efficiency, extending human creativity and creates more possibilities. The digital world is gradually changing from the replication and simulation of the physical world to the extension and expansion of the physical world, notably the production and consumption of digital assets and the derivation and optimization of the digital twin will also have a significant impact on the physical world. BIGANT is the key to metaverse development, BIGANT is an acronym for six technology clusters, namely Blockchain, Interactivity, Game, AI, Network and Internet of Things (IoT). Among them, Interactivity is the key to interoperate the digital world with the real world, and there are many opportunities for the display industry in this field.For this reason, the first Metaverse and Display Forum will be held during ICDT2022.

Call For Papers

1. AR/VR/MR virtualreality technology

2. Micro-LED andinteractive display technology

3. Hologram technology

4. 3D light fielddisplay

5. Capture technology

6. Content creationsuch as digital twin

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  • The style of presentation is oral report.

  • The Deadline for Submission is March 14, 2022.

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