ICDT 2020 was held in Wuhan on Oct. 11-14, 2020. It attracted over 1000 attendees, of which about 150 overseas online attendees.

ICDT 2020 Highlights Review

v8 Keynote Addresses in Plenary Session.

v17 technical   fields, 56 sessions, about 230 oral reports and 100 posters.

v4 Short Courses, 6 Technical Seminars, Business conference and investment conference for companies,investors, and markets.

v Exhibition:54 exhibitors.I-zone:8 companies and universities

vSID China Display Industry Award: 15 companies

vInnovative content: Display Industry Future Technology Strategy Summit (FTS), etc.

vOnline and on-site participation mode

Review ICDT 2020

At the opening remark and keynote address of ICDT 202, there were many big names, including Dr. Tsujimura Takatoshi, the chairman of SID, CTO of Konica Minolta ; Dr. Yan Xiaolin, the CTO of TCL Group, senior vice president and chairman of ICDT 2020;   professor Yan Qun, the president of SID China and   distinguished professor of Fuzhou University; Pro. Boru Yang , the chair of ICDT program comittee ,Sun Yat-Sen University; Dr. Yunqi Liu , an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Prof. Lars Samuelson of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and The Academy of Engineering; Professor Yongtian Wang , Beijing Institute of Technology; Professor Jianpu Wang , Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing University of Technology; Dr.   Guanzhen Peng, Senior Vice President, Co-CHIEF Technology Officer, and Chief Technology Officer of DISPLAY Devices and Sensors Group, BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd. , co-chief technology officer of Tianma Microelectronics Group; Dr. Zhuo Zhang, Director of platform Technology Development Department of Wuhan Huaxing Optoelectronic Semiconductor Display Technology Co., LTD. Dr. Chung-Chin Hsiao, CEO of Cambrios Film Solutions and former CTO of TPK, etc. The 8 keynote speakers delivered speeches on such   hot topics as LCD, Semiconductor, 3D, Flexible Display, AMOLED, Touch Display.

In the ICDT technical seminar, it involved 17 areas of display technology, including 56 technology conferences, about 330 reports.   Attendees were from 126 different universities, scientific research institutions and Industry Association, 300 different enterprises , of which universities were Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Sun Yat - sen University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, POSTECH,Shenzhen University, Korea Gyeongxi University, Kyushu University, Edinburgh University, The Ohio State University,University of Strathclyde,etc., industry enterprises included   3M、ACXELTECH LTD、Admesy BV、Amorphyx Inc.、APS Holdings、BEAM Engineering for Advanced Measurements Co.、BOE、CambriosFilm Solutions Corporation、CEA-LETI、CINNO、Cynora、DSCC、eMagin Corporation、Enjet、Entegris、Enternal Material Technology、Omdia、Omida、OPPO、Orbotech Ltd、OTI Lumionics Inc.、Peratech, Inc.、SeeYA、SILVACO、Simbeyond B.V.、Smartkem、SMC、Starkey Hearing Technology、Sumitomo Chemical、TandemLaunch、TCL, etc.. They published technical reports on 17 technical fields including active matrixdisplay technology, active light-emitting display, application vision,electronic paper and flexible display technology, virtual reality and augmented reality technology, liquid crystal technology, display application technology,lighting technology, display electronics technology, organic light-emitting diode display technology, display measurement technology, printing display technology, display manufacturing technology, projection display technology,display system, touch and interactive display technology and vehicle display technology.


In addition, the exhibition of this conference attracted 36 enterprises to participate, including TCL Huaxing Optoelectronic Technology, Tianma Microelectronics, Shenzhen Royle, Wuhan Jingce, AMEC, Dongguan Strong Laser, Triumph Technology Group, Nengjia, Sineva, Lightall, Ebulent Optronics, Changzhou Mingseal, BEQ, everfine, Admesy BV, Mikrouna, konica minolta, suzhou fangsheng, baoding lucky Inovative   materials, Color Vision, Sygole, Wuhan Rouxian, National laser processing industry technological innovation of strategic alliance, Wuhan Jiayuan, Wuhan Admiral, Wuhan Hengfa, Wuhan Hengsheng, Hubei Ruifeng, Wuhan Joule Yacht, Wuhan Haidelong, Wuhan Lanhai Technolog, Wuhan Liuno, Wuhan Baohua Flexible Display Mater&Tech Co-Innovation Center of Hubei Province (jianghan university), Shenzhen CTVS Intelligence. ICDT 2020 not only set up an exhibition area , but also an I - zone ( innovation zone ) to show prototypes of new technologies brought by universities and enterprises, involving Backlight, Printed Display, MicroLED, Quantum dot, Semiconductor,etc.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of ICDT 2020 which was only the forth international conference on display technology. In future, SID China will stick to the ICDT conference brand and will do as better as possible to become a bright landscape in the industry and attract more experts at home and abroad.