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ICDT 2019 was held in Kunshan on March 26-29, 2019. It attracted over 1000 attendees, of which about 200 overseas attendees.

ICDT 20192019年3月26-29在昆山举行,吸引了1000人多参会,其中有200人士来自海外的。

ICDT 2019 Highlight Reviews

vNearly 40 academicians and SID Fellows,50 distinguished experts of display industry from China.

        40余名国内外院士和 SIDfellow50余名国家千人计划 专家、国家杰青和长江学者

v16 Keynote Addresses in Plenary Session.


v17 technical   fields, 56 sessions, nearly 450 academic symposium reports (oral+poster).


v4 Short Courses,6 Technical Seminars, Business conference and investment conference for companies,investors, and markets.


v Exhibition:30 exhibitors.I-zone:22 companies and universities


vSID China Display Industry Award: 16 companies


vInnovative content:"Women in tech" Event, Vehicle Display Workshop, etc.

   创新内容: ”科技中的女性论坛“,“车载显示论坛” 等等

Review ICDT 2019

At the opening remark and keynote address of ICDT 2019, there were many big names, including Pro. Young - seog Kim, the former chairman of SID; Dr. Yan Xiaolin, the CTO of TCL Group, senior vice president and regional chairman of SID China;   professor Yan Qun, the president of SID China and   distinguished professor of Fuzhou University;Dr. xiuqi Huang, the chair of ICDT organized comittee, the VP of Visionox; Dr. Hongen Liao, the chair of ICDT program comittee ,Tsinghua University; Professor Shintson Wu of University of Central Florida, felllow of American Invertors Institute and SID Felllow; Dr. Zuyan Xu of Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, member of China Academy of Engineering (CAE); Dr. Ming Liu of Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences , member of CAS ;Mr. Wenbao Gao, the Senior Vice President of BOE; Pro. Martin Dawson of Strathclyde University, the pioneer of Micro-LED Technology; Dr. Achin Bhowmik, the Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President of Engineering, Starkey Hearing Technologies, SID Fellow, the Secretary of SID; Dr. Haruhiko Okumura of Media AI Lab, Toshiba, Chief Specialist,   Chair of SID Japan Chapter; Dr. Fu-Jen(Frank) Ko, the Chairman of E Ink Holdings Inc.;Dr. Weidong Liu ,the Chief Scientist of   Hisense; Professor Chi-Ming CHE, memeber of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Honkong University;Dr. Li Junfeng, the dean of Innovation Research Institute of Visionox Technology Co., Ltd.; Pro. Jin Jang of Kyung Hee University; Pro. Zhonglin Lv of OSU;Dr. Qijun Yao, the Assistant Chief Engineer of Tianma; Pro. Antoine Kahn of Princeton University; Dr. Daniel LeCloux,the R&D Director of DuPont,

etc. The 16keynote speakers delivered speeches on such   hot topics as LCD, OLED, AR & VR & AI, Micro - LED and E - Paper.

      ICDT 2019 的开幕式和主题报告上,云集了众多大咖,有 SID主席 Young-Seog Kim教授,TCL 集团首席技术官、资深副总裁、SID 两岸三地区域 主席闫晓林博士,SID中国区总裁、福州大学特聘教授严群教授,ICDT组织委员会主席维信诺副总裁黄秀颀博士,ICDT程序委员会主席、清华大学廖洪恩教授,美国发明家学会 fellow 和 SID   fellow,美国中佛罗里达大学 ShintsonWu(吴 诗聪)教授,中科院理化所、中国工程院院士许祖彦教授,中国科学院微电子研究所,中国科学院院士刘明教授,京东方科技集团高级副总裁,显示与传感器件事业群CEO高文宝先生,Micro-LED技术的先驱,英国Strathclyde大学的Martin Dawson教授,美国 Starkey Hearing Technologies 公司副总,首席技术官, Intel原副总,SID现任秘书长,SID   fellow,Achin   Bhowmik   博士,东芝多媒体AI实验室首席专家Haruhiko Okumura博士,E Ink元太科技董事长柯富仁(Fu-Jen(Frank) Ko)博士,海信电器首席科学家刘卫东博士,香港大学、中国科学院院士支志明教授,维信诺创新研究院院长李俊峰博士,韩国庆熙大学Jin Jang教授,俄亥俄州立大学的吕忠林教授,天马微电子副总工程师的姚绮君博士,普林斯顿大学的Antoine Kahn教授,陶氏杜邦的研发总监Daniel LeCloux博士等等。16位主题报告嘉宾围绕 LCD、OLED、AR&VR&AI、Micro-LED、E-Paper 等热点话题,发表演讲。

In the ICDT technical seminar, it involved 17 areas of display technology, including 56 technology conferences, about 450 reports.   Attendees were from 120 different universities, scientific research institutions and Industry Association, 228 different enterprises , of which universities were Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Sun Yat - sen University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, POSTECH,Shenzhen University, Nanyang Technological University Princeton University, Florida University, Korea Gyeongxi University, Cambridge University, University of Lisbon, Kyushu University, Edinburgh University, The Ohio State University,University of Strathclyde,etc., industry enterprises included   Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Visionox ,Plansee, Dow Chemical, LGD, LG, TCL , BOE, Tianma, Hisense, JOLED,   Kateeva, Inc., DowDuPont, Merck, Jasper Display Corp. (JDC), Universal Display Corporation、CYNORA、Eink Corporation,   SUMITOMO CHEMICAL, FlexEnable、PlayNitride, Furcifer Inc., GenISys GmbH, Simbeyond B. V., OLED IC Microelectronics, etc ,and there were other major scientific research institutions, such as Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and Nanobionics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Standardization Research Institute, and Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ETRI, KAIST, etc.. They published technical reports on 17 technical fields including active matrixdisplay technology, active light-emitting display, application vision,electronic paper and flexible display technology, virtual reality and augmented reality technology, liquid crystal technology, display application technology,lighting technology, display electronics technology, organic light-emitting diode display technology, display measurement technology, printing display technology, display manufacturing technology, projection display technology,display system, touch and interactive display technology and vehicle display technology.

       在 ICDT 技术研讨会报告上,围绕显示技术的 17 个领域展开,包括 56个技术会议,约 450 个口头报告,参会者分别来自120家不同高校、研究所、行业协会和228家显示行业的上中下游企业。 知名院校如清华、北大、复旦、上海交大、东南大学、中山大学、浙大、厦大、 香港科技大学、浦项科技大学、深圳大学、南洋理工大学、普林斯顿大学、弗罗里达大学、韩国庆熙大学、剑桥大学、里斯本大学、九州大学、爱丁堡大学、俄亥俄州立大学、英国思克莱德大学等等,业内企业如深圳华星光电技术有限公司、维信诺/国显光电、Plansee、LG、TCL 集团、BOE、上海天马微电子科技集团、青岛海信电器股份有限公司、JOLED、 Kateeva, Inc.、DowDuPont、Merck、Jasper Display Corp. (JDC)、Universal Display Corporation、CYNORA、Eink Corporation、 SUMITOMO CHEMICAL、FlexEnable、PlayNitride、Furcifer Inc.、GenISys GmbH、Simbeyond B. V.、OLED IC Microelectronics 等等,以及来自各大科研机构,如中国科学院苏州纳米技术与纳米仿生所、中国科学院理化技术研究所、 中科院微电子所、中国标准化研究院、中国科学院长春应化所、韩国电子通信研究院(ETRI)、韩国科学技术院(KAIST)等等。他们围绕有源矩阵显示技术、主动发光显示、应用视觉、电子纸及柔性显示技术、虚拟现实及增强现实技术、液晶技术、显示应用技术、照明 技术、显示电子技术、有机发光二极管显示技术、显示测量技术、印刷显示技 术、显示制造技术、投影显示技术、显示系统、触摸与交互显示技术、车载显示技术这 17 个技术领域发表技术报告。

In addition, the exhibition of this conference attracted 25 enterprises to participate, including Admesy BV, Beijng Hua Tong Terui Photon Technology Co.,Ltd., Podar Optoelectronics, Innovation Optoelectronic, GenlSys, Toray Research Center, Wells Electronic, ShanghaiColor-Measure Photonics, Kurt Lesker, Hisense, JITRI Organic Optoelectronics,   HIOKI , Radiant Vision Systems, Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc., New Vision, Enkris Semiconductor Inc., Teicon Nanotechnology, Tianma, ShenzhenNED Optics Co.,Ltd.,   HangZhou Everfine Photo-e-info Co.,Ltd, Silvaco, Light-all Technology, SINEVA, Mikrouna,Vigor, Sensing Optronics Coporation,BEQ, SVGTech Group Co.,Ltd. ICDT 2018 not only set up an exhibition area , but also an I - zone ( innovation zone ) to show prototypes of new technologies brought by universities and enterprises, involving 3-D naked-eye display, transparent display, MicroLED, electronic paper, VR display and new applications of TFT sensing.

      除此之外,此次会议的展览会吸引了 30 家企业参展,其中包括Admesy BV,北京华通特瑞、波达光、英菲迅、GenlSys、东丽、广州惠利、上海衡色光电、科特莱斯科、海信、江苏集萃有机光电、日置、瑞淀光学系统、柯尼卡美能达、新视界、苏州晶湛半导体、泰米科纳米技术、天马、纳德光学、远方光电、Silvaco、光傲科技、欣奕华、米开罗那、威格气体纯化、三色光电、贝意克设备技术,维格。不仅设立了展区,还特别设立了 I-Zone(创新区),展示高校和企业带来的新技术原型和样机,涉及 3-D 裸眼显示、透明显示、MicroLED、 电子纸、VR 显示以及TFT 传感新应用等多个新技术。

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of ICDT 2019 which was only the third international conference on display technology. In future, SID China will stick to the ICDT conference brand and will do as better as possible to become a bright landscape in the industry and attract more experts at home and abroad.

      以上仅仅是 ICDT 2019 的冰山一角,这也仅是第三届国际显示技术会议,未 来 SID China 将坚持将 ICDT 会议品牌延续下去,并将越办越好,成为业内一道亮丽的风景线,吸引更多的海内外专家。

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