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ICDT 2020 overview

In recent years, display panel manufacturers in China have invested heavily in the construction of TFT-LCD panel production lines, and the emerging display industry has risen rapidly. The global display industry is accelerating its transfer to China. Emerging display has become an advantageous industry for China's subsequent development. The output value increases at double digits every year with nearly 900 billion RMB input. In 2018, the output value exceeded 300 billion yuan, driving the GDP of over 1.2trillion RMB. In 2018, China's TFT-LCD panel production scale and sales volume became the top one in the world , and China's flat-panel display industry has surpassed South Korea, becoming the world's largest display country. The new round of investment represented by G6 flexible AMOLED and G10.5/ G11 TFT-LCDhas maintained more than 200 billion yuan in recent years. China has become an important driving engine for the growth of global display industry.


Society for Information Display is comprised of the top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and business people of the display industry, valued at over US$100B annually. SID was formed in 1962 to promulgate display technology, and that work continues today. SID aims to promote the development of information display technology and industry. SID Beijing Chapter, one of the largest chapter within SID, has 18 technical committees, 184 experts and more than 900 members. International Conference on Display Technology ( ICDT ) is the only display technology conference held solely by SID outside the United States.

Following the successful holding of the first ICDT in Fuzhou in 2017, the second ICDT 2018 with higher standard and a larger scale was successfully held in Guangzhou Luogang Convention Center in April 2018, it attracted more than 40 academicians and SID fellow from home and abroad, more than 50 national distinguished experts, national outstanding scholars, and more than 1000 people from universities, institutions and display related companies around the world, among whom nearly 150 were overseas participants.The third ICDT 2019 with greater international influence was


held in Kunshan International Conference & Exhibition Center in March 26 - 29, 2019. It attracted more than 1000


, among   whom

nearly 200 were overseas.

ICDT has become the annual international display technology event.


ICDT 2020 will be held in Wuhan, China, Which will focus on the following 9 special topics and 17 symposium topics for a wide range of new display technology as well as the latest development of manufacturing technologies. ICDT will be a good venue to exchange ideas between display professionals and to establish collaboration with broad spectrum of researchers and key industry players around the world.



Hosted by
the Society for Information Display(SID) Beijing Chapterthe Society for Information Display(SID)Taipei Chapterthe Society for Information Display(SID)Hong Kong ChapterSteering advisory committee for ‘’strategic advanced electronic materials‘’ of MOSTOrganized byTCL-CSOTTIANMASID China
Fuzhou UniversityCo-organized byWuhan Jingce Electronics Group Co. , Ltd.Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyWuhan National Laboratory For OptoelectronicsSupported bythe Korea   Information Display Society (KIDS), China video industry association, CODA, shenzhen flat display industry association, nanjing flat display industry association, sichuan flat display industry association, China showed that training school, China vacuum society, SEMI China, shenzhen owl information technology co., LTD

Conference Information

1 ) Date: October.11 - 14, 2020

2 ) Venue: Wuhan, Hubei,China

Preliminary Program


-Deadline for Submission of Technical Summaries (Dec. 22,2019)       

-Accept/Reject Letters e-Mailed (Jan. 10, 2020)    

-Open Online for Registration & Payment System (Jan. 10, 2020)     

-Open Online Full Paper Submission System (Jan. 10, 2020)    

-CDIA Award Application (May 30, 2020)(Feb. 01 - March 01, 2020)           

-Advance Program(Feb. 10, 2020)   

-Deadline for Submission of Papers (Sep. 6, 2020)(Feb. 23, 2020)   

-Final Program (March 06, 2020)         

-Apply for I-Zone and Roadshow of Innovation & Entrepreneurship(Oct. 4, 2020)(March 15, 2020)     

-ICDT   2020(Oct.11-14, 2020) (March 29 - April 01, 2020)