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Highlights: Zhouzhuang

"Heaven above; Suzhou and Hangzhou below; Zhouzhuang in the middle." Zhouzhuang has the name of the first water town in the world. For thousands of years, Zhouzhuang, a watery village, has been moistened by the water. It is like a jasper which has been kept for a long time and become more and more beautiful. The whole town is connected by river and bridge. The simple and elegant Ming and Qing dwellings, the pale green tiles and white walls, are perfectly integrated with the current.

Ancient Town
Beautiful Lake

Highlights:Dianshan Lake.

Dianshan Lake is known as the "Lake Geneva of the East", the scattered with renowned Zhujiajiao Town, Shanghai garden, Oriental, Shanghai Sun Island, Chen Yun Memorial Hall and other 5 national AAAA level scenic spots. Dianshan Lake, a total area of 62 square kilometers, equivalent to 11.5 in West Lake, and the water is clear,.Qiandao Lake connected by the lake and island   , and beautiful rabbit ear Ling against Shi grass.  In 2006, Dianshan Lake was selected as the Sixth Batch of state-level Water Conservancy Scenic spot.
Tasty Foods

Highlights: Qing Tuanzi

In the snacks of Jiangnan, Qing Tuanzi that resemble Wenrun Jasper stand out in the aesthetic category; the small and exquisite shape makes people  maintain the elegance of Jiangnan people; the fresh scent of wheat straw make people can't help but hurry to taste first - the outer skin is fragrant, with the smell of vegetation, the filling is  sweet like quicksand.when it is bitten, who can guess the filling is the bean paste, jujube, or sesame? The sweet surprises people , and the mouth is full of the taste of Jiangnan spring.

Highlights: yangcheng lake hairy crab

The hairy crab has green back, white belly, golden claws, yellow hair, strong body , plump crab meat and rich nutrientst. After cooking, it is bright orange and sweet. It is the peak season for Yangcheng Lake crab to be released when the autumn comes. Female crabs in September and male crabs in October of the lunar calendar cook and condense their gonads. The female is golden and the male is like white jade. They taste delicious. They are famous brand products in China. Since ancient times,   countless diners are overwhelmed by Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs . Mrs. Tang Guoli said in a poem, "if it is not the smell of Yang crab. Why should you live in Suzhou?"

Famous Temple

Highlights: Kunshan Hui Ju Temple

Huiju Temple in Kunshan was built in the era of Emperor Liang Wudi in the Southern Dynasty. It is one of the 480 temples in the Southern Dynasty. This is why the story of "Drawing the Dragon's Eye" came into being. After that, people suffered from  disasters . In 2005, the Kunshan Association of Taiwanese businessmen decided to donate and rebuild Kunshan Hui Ju temple and introduce the concept of Mazu culture. In September ,2010, the Tianhou Palace of the newly built Huiju Temple held the Mazu Seating Ceremony and built a cultural exchange center on both sides of the Straits. Kunshan Hui Ju temple Thean Hou Temple is the largest Mazu temple in East China.

Ecological Park
Highlights: Kunshan ecological Forest Park

Kunshan Forest Park has elaborately arranged more than ten park scenic spots, such as horse racetrack, original ecological forest, rare birds viewing area, deer garden, couple beach, hundred gardens, and built 500,000 square meters of central lakes, planted more than 100 kinds of flowers, plants and trees, and transplanted more than 2.5 million precious trees have been transplanted. The whole ecological forest park is like a huge natural oxygen bar.