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Booth Number:   10A02
Company NameToray Research Center, Inc.


Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email

裴忆鸥 (Yiou Pei, Ms.)     +819034078989      yiou.pei.y8@trc.toray

崔云林 (Yunlin Cui, Mr.)    13764766331 (also the Wechat ID)             yunlin.cui.z8@mail.toray

Company Profile:

Toray Research Center (TRC), formerly the R&D division of Toray Corporation, has been adhering to the philosophy of "supporting R&D with analysis" since its independence from the Toray Group in 1978. As an early entrant into the professional analysis market, TRC has been a solid support for customers' analysis needs in a wide range of industries for more than 40 years now. Our main service areas include display devices, semiconductors, automotive and energy, etc. With multiple sales locations around the world, TRC can promptly respond to the analytical needs of customers from Asia to Europe and Americas. Toray Research Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.   (TRCS) was established in Shanghai in August 2018 to provide services to local customers in China in cooperation with TRC Japan for domestic analytical testing needs in China.

Description of the Product or Service

TRC has over 30 years of experience in display device resolution technology. In the exhibition, TRC will present latest analytical techniques and services for OLED, LCD, and current displays, such as: microscopic analysis of TFT layer structure, degradation analysis of OLED, Micro-RBS application in OLED analysis, and comprehensive analysis of other display related materials. Through these examples, you will see how our team of engineers combines today's latest analytical techniques with years of experience to explore and solve development challenges in the display field.

Booth Number :10A03
Company Name:CAS(Chemical Abstracts Service)
Company Website:www.cas.org
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email张经理 010-62508026 china@acs-i.org
Company Profile:

CAS is a leader in scientific information solutions, partnering with innovators around the world to accelerate scientific breakthroughs. CAS employs over 1,400 experts who curate, connect, and analyse scientific knowledge to reveal unseen connections. For over 100 years, scientists, patent professionals, and business leaders have relied on CAS solutions and expertise to provide the hindsight, insight, and foresight they need so they can build upon the learnings of the past to discover a better future. CAS is a division of the American Chemical Society. Connect with us at cas.org.

Description ofthe product orservice that your company intends to show:

CAS SciFindern is the new generation authoritative scientific research tool produced by CAS. It provides the smart research platform by offering the access to the most comprehensive and reliable collection of scientific research information and the advanced analysis tools for chemistry and chemistry-related science areas. CAS SciFindern enables researchers to keep up to date with important research progress empowered by CAS scientists through daily curation and indexing of scientific data from chemistry and chemistry-related interdisciplinary scientific areas, including biology, medicines, materials science, food science, applied chemistry, chemical engineering, agriculture science, polymers, physics, etc. CAS SciFindern’s content resources are from journals, international patents, dissertations, proceedings, pre-press papers, books, and internet contents such as the Medline database, etc.

Booth Number:10A04
Company NameShanghai Hengse Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.color-measure.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email张大伟 13501961699 chang@color-measure.com
Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:10A06
Company NameAdvanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China
Company Website:   www.amec-inc.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email袁岚             17621880703   aurorayuan@amecnsh.com

Company Profile:

Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China (AMEC, stock code: 688012) is an innovative Asia-based semiconductor equipment company with a range of proprietary fabrication solutions designed to advance technology, increase productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs for leading global manufacturers of semiconductors and LEDs. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company is an entrenched supplier of dielectric and TSV etch tools, helping chipmakers build devices at process nodes as low as 5nm and beyond. In addition, AMEC's MOCVD system has become a market leader in China for producers of LEDs and power devices. AMEC products are used today by technology leaders in Chinese mainland and Taiwan region, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy and Russia.

Description of the Product or Service

1.Prismo UniMax ®️

MOCVD solution for advanced display application with high-volume Mini LED production

Innovative temperature adjustment capability for excellent temperature uniformity and stability

Advanced PSU with high power efficiency and harmonic suppression function

2.Prismo HiT3®️

MOCVD Tool for UV LED Production

Excellent epi yield with industry-leading efficiency and uniformity

Comply with high standards of semiconductor industry

The key equipment to grow high temperature AIN and UVC LEDs

3.Prismo A7®️

MOCVD Tool for High-Volume Blue & Green LED Production

The key equipment to epitaxially grow GaN based material

With dominant position in GaN LED MOCVD equipment market

Booth Number:10A07
Company Name:Guangzhou Gurun Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Website:www.guruntech.com

Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email陈建强     18922219313     ts@guruntech.com
Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:10A08
Company NameNanjing Smartvision Electronics Co., Ltd
Company Website:www.vsmartdream.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email吴盼 18851600950   wupan@vsmartdream.com
Company Profile:

Nanjing Smartvision Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of smart display chips. The company is located in the heart of Nanjing's Jiangbei New Area, which is known as the "City of Chips". Our products include silicon-based LCoS microdisplay chips, silicon-based OLED microdisplay chips, silicon-based Micro LED microdisplay chips and Spatial Light Modulators. The products are widely used in AR/VR/MR glasses, automotive HUD, head-mounted displays, optical communication, optical computing, 3D printing and other emerging fields.

With excellent technology, superior products and comprehensive services, Smartvision has a good reputation in the industry. The insistence on independent innovation has always made Smartvision have unique competitive advantages in the industry and has been recognized by many enterprises and reached strategic partnerships.

The future of “ AI for the brain, AR for the eyes” has come. Smartvision welcomes more partners to come together to promote the development of the industry and create a better future!

Description of the Product or Service

Smartvision focuses on silicon-based microdisplay chip design, provides series products and services to customers. We started our own independent research and development in 2012 and released the first LCoS chip in 2016, and our products mainly include silicon-based LCoS microdisplay chip, silicon-based OLED microdisplay chip, silicon-based Micro LED microdisplay chip, and spatial light modulator. Tianmu Ⅰ-020-L is the first mass-produced LCoS microdisplay chip of Smartvision, which has obtained several patents. TianmuⅠ-030-B is the LCoS micro-display chip for Field sequential   LCoS display. Tianmu Ⅰ-040-B is the fifth LCoS chip of Smartvision, mainly for lightweight AR/VR. The above LCoS microdisplay chips can be used in HMD, spatial light modulator, AR/VR/MR glasses, AR HUD and pico-projector, etc. Tianmu II-010-A is the first silicon-based OLED microdisplay chip developed by Smartvision, which has completed monochrome 1080P video display, and it has been widely praised for its brightness and gray scale. Tianmu III-010-A is Smartvision's first self-developed micro LED chip, which has obtained several patents. At present, Smartvision is able to mass production and provide LCoS chips to domestic manufacturers, and our goal is to become a professional microdisplay chip supplier and technology service provider in the industry.

Booth Number:10B01
Company NameColor Vision (Shanghai) Optoelectronic Technology Co,Ltd
Company Website:www.color-vision.com.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email

周珏 13761636270 evazhou@color-vision.com.cn

Company Profile:

Color Vision (Shanghai) optoelectronic technology co., LTD is a technical company focusing on optical testing. With own brand 'Color Vision' Imaging Colorimeter and Spectrometer, the company provides   accurate testing and automation services to customers in display, automobile, lighting and other industries.

        The company's headquarter and R&D center are located in Shanghai. Team members come from Tsinghua university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong university and other top domestic universities.

        The company's main products are imaging luminance meter, imaging colorimeter, spectral luminance colorimeter and matching software analysis system. The products are applied to measurement and analysis of BLU uniformity of display screen and backlight, detection of defects of display screen such as mura, measurement of Demura of LCD, OLED and Mini-LED, Micro-LED, measurement of AR/VR/MR/HUD products, measurement of backlight of automobile instrument keys, brightness uniformity of luminous keyboard, testing of automobile lighting such as taillights/atmosphere lights/reading lights, color correction of LED display screen, etc.

Description of the Product or Service

Imaging colorimeter CV-2000Imaging luminance meter LV-2000

CV-2000 is an imaging luminance colorimeter introduced by Color Vision, which can quickly obtain the distribution information of luminance and chromaticity of samples by means of images. LV-2000 is a single luminance version of CV-2000. It can be widely used in FPD display/vehicle display/luminous keyboard/lighting and other tests.

CV-2000/LV-2000 is not only suitable for laboratory tests requiring high precision, but also suitable for production line tests with high cost performance.

Spectrometer SP-100

SP-100 is a compact spectral luminance colorimeter introduced by Color Vision.

SP-100 not only provides high precision, but also provides stable performance and competitive price, which is very suitable for on-line testing of production lines requiring high precision.


Booth Number10B02
Company NameNanjing BoSheYongHuai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.bsyh-tech.com.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email谈舒 15150564853 tanslen@bsyh-tech.com.cn

Company Profile:

Nanjing BoSheYongHuai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the exclusive agent of many foreign scientific and technological instrument manufacturers in China. Adhering to the corporate culture of "integrity", "quality", "technology" and "service", the company has always provided advanced instruments, equipment, technical services and comprehensive overall solutions for the majority of Chinese users. In China, where science and technology are changing with each passing day and national strength is developing rapidly, nano scientific research, preparation and characterization of thin film materials (including semiconductors), physical property analysis of surface materials, Micro / Mini LED, Energy (especially Perovskite, OPV, etc.), flat panel industry (OLED, QLED, PLED, Perovskite LED, Perovskite QLED, etc.) and other fields can develop faster with the help of advanced instruments and equipment platforms; The company will continue to provide customers with high-quality services and products.

Description of the product orservice that your company intends to show.

M3000 OLED Parameter Test Systemall-in-one OLED Cell Characterization , Compact , Omnibus , and Easy to Use . System consists of basically two major test components: OLED Parameter Tester for electrical measurement and colorimeter or spectroradiometer series for optical measurement. Without bulky environmental facility, this compact test system carries out multiple tests in user-programmed automatic sequence. Test items for OLED cell covers I-V-L characteristics, C-V characteristics , impedance measurement , transient analysis , and optionally simultaneous view angle measurement as well as temperature dependence using Thermostation , and various device parameters Can be extracted from a series of measurements and recorded as metadata.

Booth Number:10B03
Company NameShanghai Ruidu Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd(RUIDU)
Company Website:www.rd-mv.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email周夫之      021-51816409 / 15900776415      angelo@rd-mv.com
Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:10B04
Company NameS-Dream Lab

Company Website:sdreamlab.com

Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email

张炜         15058055656       zhangwei@sdreamlab.com

蒋坤君          18667028380        kjjiang@sdreamlab.com

Company Profile:
Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:10B05
Company Name   Shanghai FAIRS Industrial Co.,Ltd.   
Company Website:www.fairsfx.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email顾宇文   13601680411   GUYW@FAIRSFX.COM
Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service


Booth Number :10C01

Company Name:Suzhou Fangsheng Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

Company Website:www.f-sheng.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email:朱文俊   18260186691   zhuwenjun@f-sheng.com

Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:   10C02
Company NameYixinTech-Professional Supplier of Printed Electronics

Company Website:www.micro-nanotech.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email

Company Profile:

YixinTech are dedicated to the full range of solutions for flexible printing electronics for ten years. At this stage, we are the most well-known professional supplier of flexible printing electronics in the industry. The current processes have covered all mainstream flexible printing processes, including Piezo Jet printing, Aerosol Jet, EHD printing, UPD ultra-high resolution printing, Slot Die Coating, R2R Roll to Roll Coating, Flex Test Testing, NIR & Photonic Sintering, and Maskless Lithography, etc.

Description of the Product or Service

Selective ALD deposition technology for micro-nano devise and high resolution display research and production; XTPL UPD High Resolution Direct Printer with 1um feature size and excellent aspect ratio under ultra high viscosity paste for MicroLED Microbonding, display repair applications and 3D chip interconnections; SIJ EHD printing with 1um feature size for high resolution QD MicroLED; Microdrop Piezo Inkjet for new display research including QLED and OLED.

Booth Number10C03
Company Name:   Silvaco China., Ltd

Company Websitewww.silvaco.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/EmailLiya Zhao    13052562885     liya.zhao@Silvaco.com

Company Profile:

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1984, Silvaco is the world's leading provider of EDA and IP. For over three decades, Silvaco has solved display panel and semiconductor design challenges by offering affordable and competitive TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design) software, EDA (Electronics Design Automation) software, proven design IP (intellectual property), and world class support to engineers and researchers across the globe. Silvaco solutions span from atoms to systems: starting with simulation of material behavior impacting semiconductor devices, to design and analysis of transistor circuits, and lastly to system level designs.

Our solutions are deployed in production flows across broad industry segments such as leading display companies, automotive OEM suppliers, and top Memory, 5G, and IoT (internet of things) providers etc.

The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe and Asia. Its China headquarter is in Pudong Zhangjiang, Shanghai.

Description of the Product or Service

Display Panel Design and Simulation Complete Software Solution

Silvaco provides the industry's most complete software solution for the whole display panel development flow from process & device simulation to circuit design and simulation, mainly including TCAD process and device simulator, UTMOST IV SPICE modeling tool, Clever 3D high-precision parasitic resistance and capacitance extraction tool, Gateway circuit schematic editor, SmartSpice circuit SPICE simulator, SmartView simulation waveform viewing tool, Expert layout editor, SmartDRC/LVS physical verification tool, IR-Drop/EM analysis tool, etc. Moreover, all the tools are seamlessly integrated without any compatibility problem. More than 90% of the display makers in the world (including Chinese Mainland, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan) have adopted Silvaco's solutions.


Booth Number:10C04
Company Name:Wintech-NanoSuzhouCo.,Ltd.
Company Website:www.wintech-nano.com

Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email:胜科纳米市场部     0512-62800006   sales-cn@wintech-nano.com
Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service:

Booth Number:10C05
Company NameVigor Gas Purification Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Company Website: www.vigorgb.com   
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email周方湄 400-888-1210 market@vigorgb.com

Company Profile:

Founded in 2005 Vigor specializes in manufacturing inert atmosphere enclosures and gas purification systems using in-house developed proprietary technology. Its R&D team are made up of various talents from Chemists, Materials Scientists, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers operating from a state of the art 30,000 m2 production and R&D facility within Suzhou Industrial Park.

Vigor developed leak-free sealing technology, large scale industrial gas purification technology and a novel oxygen-absorbing material. Vigor has evolved into a world-wide leading company within its field and has lifted the dominance of foreign companies for industrial applications in the domestic market.

Description of the Product or Service

Prevent OLED from being polluted by particles and dust in the atmosphere during the preparation process, and prevent oxidation of materials to avoid negative effects on the quality of components. Therefore, the research, development and production of OLED are usually completed in the ultra-clean glove boxes under inert conditions ( moisture-free and oxygen-free).

Vigor clean glove box is specially designed for dust-free equipment used in the inert atmosphere. It adopts the unique leak-free technology independently developed by Vigor, and the cleanliness class of the glove box can reach ISO II. Provide multiple independent atmospheres according to different process requirements; Provide a full range of R&D and production systems, including:

Cleaning equipment

Vacuum coating equipment

Coating equipment

Manual or automatic encapsulation equipment

Heat treatment equipment

Air conditioning system inside the box

Device testing equipment

Ultra-clean space, with various cleanliness classes

Booth Number10C06
Company Name: Light All Co.,Ltd.
Company Websitewww.light-all.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email娄泽原 021 52960771 leon-lou@light-all.com

Company Profile:

Light All focus on light measurement and metrology in display industry. Light All also play as key partner of famous manufacturers in light measurement instrument, such as TechnoTeamOptronic Laboratories and so on. Our solutions are the best choice to display customers as the high quality and advanced instrument with local automatic parts. Our solutions   ware widely used in R&D, procdution and Quality Control.

Description of the Product or Service

Imaging luminance colormeter

Light Measurement Robot

Automatic Sticking Image measurement System

Near Eye Display measurement system

deMURA system


Fast display colormeter

Booth Number:10C09
Company NameWuhan National Innovation Technology Optoelectronics Equipment Co.LTD

Company Website:whnite.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email张先生   zhangpf@whnite.com

Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number10D01
Company Name:Mantix Display Technology Co.,Ltd.

Company Website:www.mantix.com.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email黄文娟 18659483767 wenjuanhuang@mantix.com.cn

Company Profile:

MANTIX is an innovative high-tech enterprise, invested by Fujian Electronic Information Group in response to the national strategy of "increasing core and strengthening screen". MANTIX also achieves great importance and full support from the government departments at all levels, and SASAC, and Electronic Information Group in FuJian.

Founded in June 2015, MANTIX is located in National High-tech Industrial Development , Putian City, Fujian Province. It covers an area of 1035 mu, with a registered capital of 9 billion yuan and a total investment of 12 billion yuan in the first phase of the project. MANTIX has built a metal oxide panel production line with a monthly capacity of 30,000 sheets, which is putting into operation.

MANTIX is integrated of design, research, production and marketing. MANTIX mainly produces international advanced technology of high-order smart phone display, flat panel display, vehicle display and other medium-small size high-order panel products.

Description of the Product or Service

In this exhibition, Mantix will mainly show FHD dispalys of cellphone, tablet, car and laptop within TIC technology. Mantix displays are featured with high resolution, high screen ratio, slim bezel and high color saturation adopting Metal Oxide technology independently developed.

The product adopting self-developed Metal Oxide technology is featured with high electronic mobility and very low leakage current. Within these special advantages could reduce the power and noise interference of display. IMANTIX also introduces Germany BASF organic color conversion film technology, which could effectively improve the product color saturation, to achieve more vivid color performance.

In addition, 99% production materials of Metal Oxide are compatible with that of a-Si , and the preparation process is almost same. What is more, using MOx technology could produce display panels at all sizes, which will satisfy the needs of terminal products more flexibly.

In 2020, MANTIX ranked eighth globally at the smartphone panel shipments, fourth globally at the smartphone shipments of a-Si. MANTIX is the supplier of Samsung, Honor, Lenovo, Transsion and ZTE worldwide.

Booth Number10D02
Company Name:EVERFINE Corporation   
Company Websitewww.everfine.cn   
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email翁樟丽    15158129892    china@everfine.cn

Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:10D03
Company NameHangzhou LinkZill Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Website: www.linkzill.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email李金泽    189 9558 0517      jinze.li@linkzill.com
Company Profile:

LinkZill is founded in Jan. of 2019 in Wuhan, and relocates the headquarter to Hangzhou in Jan. of 2020, then starts the R&D center in Shanghai since 2021.

LinkZill's core value is "leading the technology–领, be dedicated and honest from the beginning to the end–挚". LinkZill is devoting to making technology serve people in a better and more efficient way.

Description of the Product or Service

LinkZill's core products are thin-film transistor (TFT) semiconductor chips (including corresponding functional materials and portable test/drive systems), with the applications of high-throughput DNA synthesis, active-matrix digital microfluidics, high-throughput biochemical/photoelectric sensor and cutting-edge scientific research.

Booth Number10E01
Company Name: Shenzhen Longli Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.blbgy.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email周旋   sales@blbgy.com

Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:10E02
Company NameTianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
Company Website:www.tianma.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email
Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service

Booth Number:   10E03
Company NameTCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Websitewww.szcsot.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email

Company Profile:

Description of the Product or Service















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