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Investment Conference

This year,  ICDT 2018  will be  the first  time to have another  very important event,  Investment Conference.Display industry requires heavly capital  investment  and  technology innovation.  It is very important  to  have  investment  expert  and  technology expert  to work  together  and understand each other  in order  to better  serve the display industry.  It is essential  to provide such venue to investment  expert, display professionals,  entreprenure  sitting in the same conference room todiscuss and exchange ideas. The main scheme of the investment conference arefollowing:

1)How to make good investment in display technology

2)How to become a good entrepreneur of display startups

3)G8 and G10+ TFT LCD Fab investment in China

4)OLED Fab investment in China

5)Investing display material companies and equipment companies

6)Innovative display technology  




3)中国的TFT LCD 8代、10+代产线的投资。










Building Display Companies: From Tech Transfer to Mass Market


Helge Seetzen博士  

Dr.Helge Seetzen

CEO of TandemLaunch

the coming SID new president



TandemLaunch– a unique venture fund that scouts, accelerates, and commercializesearly-stage technologies from the world's top universities in close partnershipwith major Consumer Electronic brands and world-class entrepreneurs.TandemLaunch has created over 20 technology companies accounting for hundredsof jobs.


Innovative display technology - ePaper Gen 2.0

创新的显示技术 -ePaper

Gen 2.0

 Frank Christiaens

CEO of CLEARink Displays


CLEARink Displays is a US incorporated venture backed startup, with R&D in US and Canada. CLEARink aims to revolutionize the reflective display industry by developing reflective display modules, based on proprietary technology, that combines the daylight readability of paper with the colorful video performance of digital displays. The company was formed in 2012 by a number of co-founders who have together started over 10 companies, including Vancouver success stories TIR (sold to Philips) and Brightside (sold to Dolby). The company has also attracted a world-class advisory team, which includes a former CTO from Philips and a former CEO from Barco.

FrankChristiaens is the Chairman & CEO of CLEARink Displays. He has more than 20years of hands-on experience operating, and managing multinational corporationsthroughout Asia, South America and Europe.

Inaddition to his role in CLEARink Displays, Mr. Christiaens currently is aManaging Partner at CrossPacific Capital Partners (XPCP). He also serves as adirector at Elix Wireless Charging Systems in Vancouver, China Digital Video inBeijing, and Virgo Ventures in Hong Kong. Previously, he was an advisory boardmember of Espresso Capital Partners in Vancouver and a founding director ofAAMA in Shanghai. From 2002 to 2009, Frank served as the President for GreaterChina for Euronext listed professional display supplier Barco of Belgium. From2000 to 2001, he acted as founder, director, COO and then CEO, for dataservices provider Qala in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Frank originallymoved to Asia in 1996 to head up the internet division for telecommunicationsequipment provider Alcatel of France. From 1991 until 1995 Frank worked inEurope and South America as a telecommunications project manager. He foundedhis first startup in Belgium in 1991.

FrankChristiaens holds master degrees in Electrical/Electronics Engineering, as wellas Business Administration, and studied at the University of Leuven Belgium,and at the Imperial College in London UK.




除了在CLEARinkDisplays中的角色之外,Frank还是CrossPacificCapital Partners(XPCP)的执行合伙人,同时他还担任温哥华Elix无线充电系统,北京中国数字视频和香港VirgoVentures的董事。更早之前,他曾担任温哥华EspressoCapital Partners的顾问委员会成员,以及上海AAMA的创始董事。2002年至2009年间,Frank担任了在泛欧交易所上市的比利时的专业显示供应商——Barco的大中华地区总裁。2000年至2001年,他参与创办了Qala——一家新加坡、香港和澳大利亚的数据服务提供商,并先后担任COO、CEO。Frank最初于1996年移居亚洲,负责法国电信设备供应商阿尔卡特的互联网部门。从1991年到1995年,Frank在欧洲和南美洲担任电信项目经理。1991年时,他在比利时创办了他的第一家创业公司。


Building the micro LED value chain: Essential cost and yield contributions

—— How can start-up companies deliver the decisive breakthroughs (for yield and cost)



Loesing, Alexander -- photo.jpg        

      Alexander Loesing

Co-founderand CMO of ALLOS Semiconductors

Market Director of ALLO


Alexander Loesing is co-founder and CMOof ALLOS Semiconductors, an IP licensing and developing company for GaN-on-Sipatents and technology. ALLOS’ technology platform delivers solutions for powerelectronics, RF and micro LED applications. The company is headquartered inDresden, Germany and serves customers worldwide. Prior to ALLOS Alexander co-foundedGaN-on-Si pioneer and epiwafer supplier AZZURRO Semiconductors in 2003 and ledthe expansion of its business with a total investment of over 40 million Euro anda global customer base.

As CMO of ALLOS, Alexander is responsible for developingits customer and partner network.

Alexander Loesing是ALLOSSemiconductors——一家专注IP授权与开发硅基GaN专利技术公司的联合创始人与首席营销官。ALLOS的技术平台致力于为动力电子设备、射频及微型LED应用提供解决方案。公司总部位于德国德累斯顿,为全球客户提供服务。



Introduction of Qihong

Electronic Company and

Business plan



       Tianqi Li


  Founder and CEO of Qihong Electronics Company


Introduction of Shixian

Company and Business plan



       Xinglong Li


        Founder and CEO of Shixian Company