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Business conference

SigmaIntell, AVC Revo, Omdia and SID China will co-organize   ICDT (International   Conference   on   Display   Technology ) business   conference on the afternoon of April. 26 .   The   business   conference will   focus   on   information and   analysis   of   the   display   industry   especially   in   China ,   providing   the   knowledge   necessary   to   develop   effective strategies to succeed in the changing global marketplace. The event will provide the latest results and forecasts for display market (Including TV, display panel, mobile, PC, OLED display including flexible panel, etc.) supply chain and where growth, profits and the highest returns are likely.

Bussiness Conference







Outlook for Smartphone Terminal and Display Supply Chain Trends in 2022Wray WangResearch AnalystSigmaintell


TV Supply Chain Dynamics, Competition Landscape and StrategyNick JiangSenior Research AnalystOmdia


Analysis of the Future Development of 2022 Display Panel under the Situation of the Market DownturnTianhao WeiSenior Research ManagerAVC Revo


Global MiniLED/MicroLED technology trend dynamic and outlookXuecheng ChenResearch AnalystSigmaintell


New Opportunities in the New Era- Commercial Display Pushing Forward Retail Market Digital TransformationBella JiangSenior Research ManagerAVC Revo


Develpment trend of Near-Eye displayKimi LinSenior Research AnalystOmdia


2022 Global DDIC Market trend and OutlookQi CongSenior Research ManagerAVC Revo