Book Hotel

You should know

  • ICDT Organization provides a VIP main hotel with other contract hotels. For VIP main hotel, please fill in the application form; If you want to book the contract hotel, please dial the   contact number for hotel reservation; This hotel reservation will not be made through the online registration system.

  • Since there is still some time to go before the conference, the following price is the reference price of the team. It will fluctuate depending on the price of the hotel at that time.

  • Please make your reservation 15 days in advance. Please inform hotel contacts that the hotel is recommended by Nanjing National Exhibition Center and you will participate in the International Display Technology Conference (ICDT) to enjoy the negotiated rate. (This agreement is for ICDT participants only)

  • If you have any questions, please contact Yang LAN of the National Exhibition Center for communication and coordination, contact information: 13951861881.