Online Registration

At present, the Chinese domestic payment (WeChat, Alipay, Chinese bank card) is available. For overseas, please wait for the notice.
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Before registration, please read the following notes:

  1. The registration system is divided into two modules: conference registration and hotel reservation.

  2. Registration for this conference is encouraged on the computer.

  3. The English page of the registration system only supports International card payment, while the Chinese page supports both international card and domestic card.

  4. This registration cannot be modified online by yourself again after the full payment is completed. Please contact the secretariat of the conference Tina for a full refund (the handling charge is deducted) and create the order again.

  5. The hotel room is reserved only for attendees who have paid in full within the specified time. If attendees only book a hotel room on the conference registration system and do not finish payment, the reserved room may be cancelled.

  6. Technical Seminar and Short Course, Business Conference are not available for online registration.

  7. Click Submit after each page is checked, otherwise the checked registration items will not be displayed in the registration preview page.

  8. After completing the registration, the system will send you an email notification automatically at 1:30 the next day.

  9. For registration questions, please contact the Conference secretariat: