Short Course




Short Course 1

May 30(9:00-12:00)

Overview of OLED Technology

ChungChun Lee‍, ‍Former vice president of BOEundefined

Short Course 2

May 30(13:00-16:30)

Diodes Dynamical response mechanism and wide viewing characteristics of liquid crystal displays

Yubao Sun, Professor of Hebei‍University of Technology‍‍ undefined

Short Course 3

May 30(9:00-12:00

Elevated-Metal Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistor:A Back-Gate Architecture with Annealing-Induced Source/Drain Regions

Man Wong‍, ‍Professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technologyundefined

Short Course 4

May 30(13:00-16:30)

3D Display Technology

Qiong-Hua Wang,SID Fellow‍, ‍Professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics‍‍undefined





Seminar 1

May 30(9:30-11:00)

Oxide-based TFTs for Neuromorphic Devices

Qing Wan,Professor of Nanjing University undefined

Seminar 2

May 30(9:30-11:00

Advanced Display Measurement Technology and the Latest Development

Jiangen Pan,Chiarman & Chief Scientist of Hangzhou everfine Coporation undefined

Seminar 3

May 30(14:00-15:30)

Fundamentalsof Micro-LED and its applications

Zhaojun Liu,Assistant professor and associate researcher of Southern University of Science and Technologyundefined
The drive and control technology for self-lit Mini/MicroLED displayGuojing He,Vice President of Xian Novar Starundefined

Seminar 4

May 30(14:00-15:30)


Achin Bhowmik,CTO&Vice President of Starkey Hearing Technology,SID next Chair

Seminar 5

May 30(16:00-17:30)

The Development of Quantum dots Displays in Industry

Chaoyu Xiang‍‍researcher of Ningbo Materials Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciencesundefined

Seminar 6

May 30(16:00-17:30)

Human vision and image quality

GHyungki Hong,Professor of Seoul National Universityundefined