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ICDT 2021 Strategic Supporter

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Invited Speakers

list of invited speakers(175 Invited speakers)


Min Li (Senior Engineer,Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic Co., Ltd,China)

Chen Jiang(Assistant Professor,Tsinghua University,China)

Yukiharu Uraoka(Professor,Nara Institute of Science and Technology,Japan)

Kris Myny(Professor,IMEC,Belgium)

Simon Ogier(CTO,SmartKem,UK)

Hyun Jae Kim(Professor,Yonsei University,Korea)

Radu Sporea(Senior Lecturer,University of Surrey,UK)

Yuan Jun Xu (Director of Backboard Technology,TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd,Taiwan, China)

Liqiang Zhu(Professor,Ningbo Univ. ,China)

Jie Jiang (Associate Professor,Central South Univ.,China)

Guoli Li (Associate Professor,Hunan Univ.,China)

Dedong Han (Associate Professor,Peking Univ.,China)

Hongtao Cao (Researcher,Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering,CAS, China)

Di Geng (Associate Researcher,Institute of Microelectronics, CAS,China)

Lei Lu (Assistant Professor,Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School,China)

Yunlong Guo (Researcher,Institute of Chemistry, CAS,China)

Yuanyuan Hu (Professor,Hunan Univ.,China)

Chuan Liu(Professor,Sun Yat-Sen Univ.,China)

Lei Wang(General Manager,Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic Co., Ltd,China)

Yong Young Noh(Professor,Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH),Korea)

Yong-Sang Kim(Professor,Sungkyunkwan Univ.,Korea)

Rodrigo Martins(Professor,New University of Lisboa,Portugal)

Kenji Nomura(Professor,University of California San Diego, USA)

Jae Kyeong Jeong(Professor,Hanyang University,Korea)

Paddy K. L.Chan(Associate Professor,Hongkong Univ./The University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong , China)

Mutsumi Kimura(Professor,Ryukoku University,Japan)

Man Wong(Professor,The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,Hong Kong, China)

Antonio Facchetti(CTO,Co-founder,Flexterra Corporation,Israel)

Qijun Sun(Researcher,Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences,China)

Arokia Nathan(Professor,Cambridge Touch Technologies,UK)

Applied Vision

Shunnan Yang(Professor,University of the Pacific American Pacific University,USA)

Changbing Huang(Researcher,Institute of Psychology,CAS,China)

Yunhong Zhang(Associate Researcher,China National Institute of Standardization)


Shou-Qian Ding(Professor,Nankai University, China)

Qionghua Wang(Professor,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,China)

Tongsheng Mou(Professor,Zhejiang University,China)

Bo Qiao(Senior Researcher,Zhijiang Laboratory,Zhejiang Intelligent Technology Standard Innovation Promotion Association,China)

Shun Jiang(General Manager,Jiuye computer technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.,China)

Weitao Song(Associate Professor, School of optics and photonics, BeijingInstitute of Technology,China)

Xi Mou(Senior Researcher/ Technical Director,Hangzhou SanTestTechnology Co.,Ltd,China)

Tianqi Huang(Assistant Researcher, Tsinghua University, China)

Lu Lu(Research Manager,Facebook,China)

Yue Liu(Professor,Beijing Institute of Technology University,China)

Byoungho Lee(Professor,Seoul National University,Korea)

Display Application

Jian He(Chief Electronic Engineer,Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics TechnologyCo., Ltd.,China)

Xunbo Yu(Associate Professor,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,China)

Qing Li(Professor,Southeast Univ.,China)

Na Li(Deputy Director of Material Device Development,BOE,China)

Kuniharu Takei(Professor,Department of Physics and Electronics,Osaka Prefecture University,Japan)

Kung-Chu Ho(Research Staff,Jasper Display,Taiwan, China)

Display Electronics

Weijing Wu(Professor,South China University of Technology,China)

Canghong Wang (AMOLEDexperts,BOE,China)

Display Manufacturing

Honglong Ning(Researcher,South China University of Technology,China)

Guishi Liu(Assistant Professor,Jinan Univ.,China)

Aliaksandr SMIRNOV(Professor,Director of Information Displays and Optical Processing SystemsLaboratory,Micro- and Nano Electronics Dept. at Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics,Belarus)

Tung Huei Ke(SeniorResearcher、Research and Development Project Leader,Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC),Belgium)

Hyun-Sik Seo(Lead Researcher,TCL CSOT,Korea)

Wenchang Yeh(Professor,Shimane University,Japan)

Yingbao Yang (Principle Engineer,V-technology co ltd.,China)

Xiaolian Li(Professor,Dalian University of Technology,China)

DOYOUNG Byun(CEO,Sungkyunkwan University, Enjet,Korea)

Ke Liu (EDA Technical Manager,Silvaco China,China)

Chiwoo Kim(CTO,APS Holdings,Korea)

Display Measurement

Wolfgang P. Weinhold(President,INNOWEP GmbH,Germany)

Karlheinz Blankenbach(Professor, Hochschule Pforzheim University,Germany)

Peter Blattner(CIE President , CIE /METAS,Switzerland)

Display System

Enguo Chen(Associate Professor,Fuzhou Univ.,China)

Zong Qin(Associate Professor,Sun Yat-Sen Univ.,China)

Honglei Ji(Senior Engineer,TCL Electronics,China)

Guojing He(Vice President,Xian Nova Star Technology Co., Ltd.,China)

Vladimir Alexandrov(Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty,Russia)

Ben Cope(Intel,USA)

E-paper&Felexible Display

Jinwei Gao(Professor,South China Normal University,China)

Rujun Ma(Professor,Nankai Univ.,China)

Xidong Wang(R&D Director,South China Normal University,China)

Guofu Zhou(Professor,South China Normal University,China)

Alex Henzen(Professor,South China Normal University,Netherlands)

Jong Hyun Seo(Professor,Korea Aerospace University,Korea)

Huisheng Peng(Professor,Fudan University,China)

Lin Fan(Professor,Institute of Chemistry, CAS,China)

Tae-Hoon Yoon(Professor,Pusan National University,Korea)


Armin Wedel(Division Director Functional Polymer Systems, Head of Department Functional Materialsand Devices,Fraunhofer Institute for Applied PolymerResearch,Germany)

Dae-Gyu Moon(Professor,Soonchunhyang University,Korea)

Ioannis (John) Kymissis(Associate Professor, Treasure, Electrical Engineering, Columbia University SEAS,USA)

Atsushi Nishikawa(CTO&Co-founder,ALLOS semiconductors GmbH,Germany)

Tobias Steinel(Product Manager,Instrument Systems,Germany)

Liang Li(Professor,Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.,China)

Huai Bin Shen(Professor,Henan Univ.,China)

Xu Yong Yang(Professor,Shanghai Univ.,China)

Yu Zhang(Professor,Jilin Univ.,China)

De Wei Zhao(Distinguished Researcher,Sichuan Univ.,China)

Haizheng Zhong(Professor,Beijing Institute of Technology,China)

Aiwei Tang(Professor,Beijing Jiaotong University,China)

Chaoyu Xiang(Researcher,Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, CAS,China)

Jianpu Wang(Professor,Nanjing Tech University,China)

Yizheng Jin(Professor,Zhejiang Univ.,China)

Fu Shan Li(Professor,Fuzhou Univ.,China)

Shu Xu(Professor,Hebei University of Technology,China)

Xiaoyu Zhang(Associate Professor,Jilin Univ.,China)

Baiquan Liu(Associate Professor,Sun Yat-Sen Univ.,China)

Lei Zhou (Managerof R&D Department,Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic Co., Ltd,China)

Zhanhua Wei(Professor,Huaqiao University,China)

Rongjun Xie (Professor,Xiamen University,China)

Kai Wang (Associate Professor,Southern University of Science and Technology,China)

Mingjian Yuan(Professor,Nankai University,China)

Jian Xu (Professor,The Pennsylvania State University,China)

Hao-Chung Kuo(Professor,National Chiao Tung University,Taiwan, China)

Falcon Liu(Marketing Director,PlayNitride,Taiwan, China)

David Lewis(CEO,InZiv,Israel)

Matthew Davies(Headof Application / Industrial Product Manager,Attolight,Switzerland)

Chih-Jen Shih(,ETHZürich,Switzerland)

Jim Murphy(,GEGlobal Research,USA)

Masayuki Nakamoto(ProfessorEmeritus & Specially Appointed Professor,GraduateSchool of Engineering, Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University,Japan)

Sudhir Kumar (SeniorScientist,ETH Zürich,Switzerland)

Zine BOUHAMRI(Technology& Market Analyst,Yole,France)

Zhongsheng Luo(Engineering Application Director,NANOSYS INC,USA)


George C. Brainard(ThomasJferson University,USA)

Zhimin Yan(Deputy Director,Visionox,China)

Liquid-Crystal Technology

Huai Yang(Professor,Peking Univ.,China)

Wei Hu(Professor,Nanjing Univ.,China)

Jun Xia(Professor,Southeast Univ.,China)

Dan Luo(Professor,Southern University of Science and Technology,China)

Yanjun Liu(Professor,Southern University of Science and Technology,China)

Jiliang Zhu(Professor,Hebei University of Technology,China)

Wenming Han(R&D Director,Jiangsu Hecheng Display Technology Co., Ltd,China)

Abhishek K Srivastava(Professor,The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,India)

Shigui Chen(Professor,Doctoral Supervisor,Wuhan Univ.,China)

Kun Li (Researcher,Southeast University,China)

Vladimir Chigrinov(Professor,Foshan University,Belarus)

Shine Long(Application Engineer,3M,China)

Hiap L. Ong(Vice President,SID Fellow,Syndiant,Taiwan,China)

Paul Cain(Strategy Director,FlexEnable Ltd.,UK)


Huiyang Li(Postdoctoral Fellow, Guangdong Aglaia Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd., Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong,China)

Zuoquan Jiang(Professor,Soochow Univ.,China)

Xiaochuan Chen(Deputy Director of Display and Sensor Components Research,BOE,China)

Dongdong Zhang(Assistant Researcher,Tsinghua university,China)

Chong Li(Technical Director,Jiangsu Sunera Technology Co., Ltd,China)

Huiqing Pang(Vice President,Xiahe,China)

Jianxin Tang(Professor,Soochow Univ.,China)

Nicholas Thompson(R&D Director,Universal Display Corporation,USA)

Yojiro Matsueda(Director,Tianma Japan,Ltd.,Japan)

LIU Binghai(Deputy Director,Wintech-Nano Singapore,Singapore)

Russell Holmes(Professor,University of Minnesota,USA)

Paul Blom(,MPIMainz,Germany)

Shuo-Hsien Cheng(Field Application Engineering,Kyulux Inc.,Taiwan,China)

Eli Zysman-Colman(Professor,University of St. Andrews,UK)

Jang Hyuk Kwon(Professor,Kyung Hee University,Korea)

Yun Chi(Chair Professor,Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering,City University of Hong Kong,Taiwan, China)

Franky So(Professor,North Carolina State University,USA)

Uwe Vogel(Division Director Microdisplays & Sensors,Deputy Institute Director,Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics,Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP,Germany)

Jae Sang Lee(Professor,Seoul National University,Korea)

Engin Torun(Engineering Research Consultant,Simbeyond B.V.,Netherlands)

Zhibin Wang(CTO ,OTI Lumionics Inc.,Canada)

Bernardode Souza(Scientific Consultant,FAccTsGmbH,Germany)

Ian Underwood(Professor, University of Edinburgh, UK)

Printed Display

Junbiao Peng(Professor/Dean,South China University of Technology,China)

Shiyang Shao(Associate Professor/Associate Researcher,Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of sciences,China)

Yonglin Xie(Professor,Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, CAS,China)

Weiran Cao(Director,CSOT,China)

Quan Niu(Professor/Doctoral Supervisor,State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices, South China University of Technology,China)

Shipan Wang(Senior Engineer,Juhua,China)

Wenming Su(Researcher,Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, CAS,China)

Lei Ying(Researcher/National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars,South China University of Technology,China)

Hong Meng(Professor,Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School,China)

Huaiting Shi(Senior Manager,BOE,China)

Jeonghun Kwak(Professor,Seoul National University,Korea)


Degang Zhao(LaboratoryDirector/Researcher,Institute of Semiconductors,Chinese Academy of Science,China)

Haining Yang(Professor,Southeast University,China)

Yasuaki Hirano(Managerof the Board,Sharp Fukuyama Laser Co., Ltd. (SFL),Japan)

Ted Sun(Founder,Sun Innovation,USA)

Touch and Interactive Displays

Wenqi Zhou(Engineer,Xiamen Tianma Microelectronics Co.Ltd,China)

Zhiwei Lin(ChinaSales Director,Neonode,China)

Vehicle Displays

Jun Li(R&D Director of Automotive BU,Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.,China)

Fan Tian(Senior Manager of Vehicle Technology Development,Tianma,China)

Jason Zink(,RobertBosch LLC,USA)

Wolfgang P. Weinhold(President,INNOWEP GmbH,Germany)