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Invited Speakers


Arokia NathanProfessor,SID Fellow,Darwin College, University of Cambridge ,UK

Jin JangProfessor,SID Fellow,KHU,South Korea

Sang-Hee Ko ParkProfessor,SID Fellow,KAIST,South Korea

Kenji Nomura(Associate Professor,UCSD,USA

Gerwin Gelinck(CTO,TNO/HolstCentre,Netherlands

Radu SporeaAssistant Professor,University of Surrey,USA

Albert ChinProfessor,National Taiwan University,Taiwan,China

Sung Kyu ParkProfessor,Chung-Ang University,South Korea

Wanling DengAssociate Professor,Jinan University,China)

Hanbin MaProfessor,Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology,China

Miao Zhao (Associate Researcher, Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Applied Vision7

Weidong HuangSeasoned Engineer,TCL CSOT,China

Fang HouResearch Group PI,Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University,China

Yuning ZhangDirector,Display R&D Center of Southeast University,China

Zhenping XiaAssociate Professor,Suzhou University of Science and Technology,China

Tingting ZhangAssociate Professor,Hohai University,China

Yunhong ZhangDirector,China National Institute of Standardization,China

Jingjing XuAssociate Senior Doctor,Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University,China


Yixing ChenCTO,Nanjing SmartVision Electronics Co.,Ltd.,China

Yue LiuDirector of Institute/Professor,Beijing Institute of Technology,China

Tongsheng MouProfessor,Zhejiang University,China

Huan DengProfessor,Sichuan University,China

Yishi WengPostdoctor,Southeast University,China

Bo QiaoSenior Research Specialist,Zhejiang Lab,China

Xinzhu SangAssociate Dean,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,China

Jae Hoon JungVP,APS Research,South Korea

Zong QinAssociate Professor,Sun Yat-sen University,China

Tomas SlukaCEO&Co-Founder,CREAL,Switzerland

Yasuaki Hirano(Member of the Board,Sharp Fukuyama Laser Co., Ltd. (SFL),Japan

Jianping Wang(Technical Adviser,Hangzhou Zhejiang University Sensing Instruments Co., Ltd,China)

Display Applications(4

Xunbo YuAssociate Professor,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,China

Sheng XuAssociate Researcher/Doctor,Fuzhou University,China

Kai Diao ( MNT Development Department 2/Head,Fuzhou BOE Optoelectronics Technology CO., LTD,China)

Jingfeng Xue (Deputy General Manager of NB Business Division, Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., China)

Display Electronics2

Weijing WuProfessor,South China University of Technology,China

Denis StriakhilevSenior R&D Project Manager, Ignis Innovation Inc.,Canada)

Display Manufacturing(5

Honglong NingResearcher/Doctor,South China University of Technology,China

Yong-Sang KimProfessor,Sungkyunkwan University,South Korea

Hendrik HotzEngineer,Plansee Shanghai,Germany

Dongchuan Chen (TV Development Head/PhD,BOE, China)

Alex Smirnov (Professor,Belarusian State University,Belarus)

Display Measurement(2

Li SongVice Director of Institute,EVERFINE Corporation,China

Xi Mou (CTO/Senior Researcher,Hangzhou Santai Testing Technology Co., Ltd, Technical Director/Senior Researcher, China)

Display Systems(5

Di WangAssociate Professor,Beihang University,China

Wen QiaoProfessor,Soochow University,China

Jiun Kai BehPlatform Solutions Architect,Intel,UK

Ran DuanScientist,BOE,China

Xiao Zhang (Expert, BOE, China)

E-paper and Flexible Displays(5

Jian WangChief Operating Officer,Furcifer Ico.,China

Mike BanachTechnical Director,Flexenable,UK

Xidu WangGeneral Manager,Foshan ESLLET Technologies Co.,Ltd,China

Yue ZhangAssociate Professor,Qingdao University of Technology,China

Quanzhong WangExpert,BOE,China


Yu Kambe(Co-founder&CEO,NanoPattern Technologies,USA

Reza ChajiCEO,Vue Real,Canada

Kai Wang(Associate Professor,Southern University of Science and Technology,China

Matthew J. DaviesHead of Industry Applications,Attolight,Switzerland

Armin WedelDivision Director,Functional Material and Devices,Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP,Germany

Jeonghun KwakProfessor,Seoul National University,South Korea

Shota OkamotoSharp Display Technology Corporation(SDTC),Japan

Yu ChenProfessor,Soochow University,China

Makarem HusseinPresident,LuxNour Technologies,USA

Qing LiProfessor,Southeast University,China

Xuyong YangProfessor,Shanghai University,China

Yunan GaoResearcher,Peking University,China

ZhongSheng Luo(General Manager of Greater China and Applications Engineering Director,Nanosys,USA

Xuan CaoR&D Director,Chengdu Vistardisplay Co.,Ltd,China

John RobinsonEngineer for optical critical dimension (CD) metrology,KLA-Tencor,USA

Jian HsuProfessor,Pennsylvania State University,USA

Xiaoyu ZhangAssociate Professor,Jilin University,China

Xiaoyan YiResearcher,Institute of Semiconductors,Chinese Academy of Sciences,China

Weilin GuoProfessor,Beijing University Of Technology,China

Jie SunProfessor,Fuzhou UniversityFujian Science&Technology Innovation Laboratory for Optoelectronic Information of China,China

Martin DawsonProfessor,University of Strathclyde,UK

Pawel MalinowskiProgram Manager,IMEC,Belgium

Norman LüchingerCTO,Avantama AG,Switzerland

Robert VisserApplied Materials Vice President,CTO office at Applied Materials,Applied Materials,USA

Fushan LiProfessor,Fuzhou University,China)

Yizheng JinProfessor,Zhejiang University,China

Zugang LiuProfessor,China Jiliang University,China

Limei ZengSenior Engineer,TCL Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., LtdChina

Jason HuMOCVD Process Director,AMEC,China

Xiaodan WeiHead of the display department,Beijing YiShiXin Technology Development Co., LTD,China

Falcon LiuMarketing Director,PlayNitride Display Co.,Ltd.,Taiwan,China

Hao-Chung KuoProfessorNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University,Taiwan,China

Filip Granek (CEO, XTPL S.A., Poland)

Guojing He (Vice president,NovaStar,China)


Ling XiaLecturer,Hohai University,China

Qiuhong Hu (Chief Scientist, Zhejiang Smart Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, China)

Liquid-Crystal Technology12

Abhishek Kumar SrivastavaProfessor,The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,India

Jang-Kun SongProfessor,Sungkyunkwan University,South Korea

Alexander MuravskyProfessor,Institute of Chemistry of New Materials NAS Belarus,Belarus

Qi-Huo WeiProfessor,Southern University of Science and Technology,China

Qionghua WangProfessor,Beihang University,China

Jiangang LuProfessor,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,China

Xiaolian LiProfessor,Dalian University of Technology,China

Dan LuoProfessor,Southern University of Science and Technology,China

Huapeng YeProfessor,South China Normal University,China

Xiangru WangProfessor,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,China

Yubao SunProfessor,Hebei University of Technology,China

Vladimir ChigrinovEmeritus Professor,Moscow Region State University,Russia


Kentaro Harada(CEO,OPERA Solutions,Japan

Huiqing PangDeputy General Manager,Summer Sprout,USA

Dongdong ZhangAssistant Researcher,Tsinghua University,China

Mike WeaverVP,UDC,USA

Jun Yeob LeeProfessor,Sungkyunkwan University,South Korea

Eli Zysman-ColmanProfessor,University of St. Andrews,UK

Nicholas ThompsonR&D Director,UDC,USA

Jang Hyuk KwonProfessor,Kyunghee University,South Korea

Baiquan LiuAssociate Professor ,Sun Yat-sen University,China

Russell HolmesProfessor,University of Minnesota,USA

Bo QiaoAssociate Professor,Beijing Jiaotong University,China

Max LemaitreCEO&Founder,Mattrix Technologies,USA

Zhengguo XiaoProfessor,University of Science and Technology of China,China

Dean ChenVice General Manager,Magic Star Technology (Ningbo)Co.,Ltd.,China

Arthur VauzelleTechnical Sales Engineer,Simbeyond B.V.,Netherlands

Xin-Yang WangR&D Project Manager,Merck,China

Yue WangProfessor,Ji Hua Laboratory,China

Printed Displays(18

Junbiao PengProfessor/Dean,South China University of Technology,China

Jinchuan LiEL Director of the Technology Development Department,CSOT Semiconductor Display Technology Co.,Ltd.,China

Junfeng SunAssociate Professor,Huzhou University,China

Bo LiuCTO,Mattrix Technologies,China

Wenming SuResearcher,Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics,CAS/Gusu Lab,China

Li SunExpert,Hefei BOE Zhuoyin Technology Co.,Ltd,China

Ofer ShochetCo-Founder and CEO,Copprint,Israel

David PopeDirector of Printing Technologies,NovaCentrix,USA

Armin SautterGlobal Head of Product Portfolio Management DP (Display),Heraeus,Germany

Lou DadokBusiness Development Manager,FUJIFILM Dimatix,USA

Florian UllrichHead of Business Development,Innovation Lab,Germany

Jueng Gil(James), LeeDeputy Chief Engineer,Guangdong Juhua Printing,USA

Zhe LiuCTO,LinkZill,China

Xiachang ZhangChairman,Enfucell,China

Suling ZhaoProfessor, Beijing Jiaotong University,China

Tenggang Lou Seasoned Technologist,Shanghai Tianma MICRO-ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd.China

Jingyao SongGeneral Manager,Guangzhou ChinaRay Optoelectronic Materials Co.,LTD.,China

Daisuke FukushimaReseacher,Sumitomo Chemical,Japan


Jianping LiuResearcher,Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics,CAS,China

Enguo ChenAssociate Professor/Doctor,Fuzhou University,China

Touch and Interactive Display(1

Wei WangNew Technique Development Post,Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.,China


Lapanik ValeriDoctor,Institute of Applied Physical Problems,Belarus

Karlheinz BlankenbachProfessor,Hochschule Pforzheim University,Germany

Ronghua LiSeasoned Expert of Vehicle Technology Development,TIANMA,Taiwan,China

Tara AkhavanFounder&CEO,Faurecia IRYStec,Canada

Chihao XuProfessor,Chair Microelectrnics,Saarland University,Germany

Pengtao LiCircuit Design Seasoned Researcher,BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd.,China

Wolfgang WeinholdProfessor,CTO of AMT China,President of Innowep GmbH, AMT Co.,Ltd.,Innowep GmbH,Germany)















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