Guideline for Abstract Submission
Thank you for your interest in submitting an technical summary to ICDT 2024. We recommend reviewing the Submission Guidelines prior to submitting your abstract. The Deadline for abstract submission is December 3, 2023.

The submitted abstract will either be accepted or rejected based on technical merits evaluated by technical committee. The accepted abstract might be reassigned to an oral or poster presentations of appropriate topical session at the discretion of program committee. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent via an e-mail to the corresponding author by December 22, 2023. After receiving the acceptance notification, please submit the full paper online. The deadline for submission of the full paper is February 25, 2024. The submitted full paper, after the author permission, will be published in Wiley online, “SID International Symposium Digest of Technical Papers” (EI Searchable). After reviewed and recommended by ICDT program l committee, some submitted papers of ICDT will selected to be published at " Journal of the Society for Information Display" (SCI Searchable). Please note that the presenter of each accepted papers must complete his/her registration and pay the registration fee; otherwise the papers will be withdrawn from the proceedings publication.

Submission Guidelines-Abstract Template

Before uploading the technical summary, please click to download the Format Template. Please prepare your technical summary in both PDF format and MS Word for the submission.

Title must be in 14 pt. font Helvetica or Arial Bold with capital letters at the beginning of every word except prepositions & articles. Author's name must be in 12 pt. font Helvetica or Arial Bold Italics, Author’s affiliation must be in 10 pt. font Helvetica or Arial Bold. The body text of your submission should be 10 pt. Times New Roman, single spaced with an additional 4 points of space at the beginning of each paragraph. However, when typing complicated mathematical text, it is important to increase the space between text lines in order to prevent sub- and super-script fonts overlapping one another and making your electronic version completely displayed.

Figures and tables should appear after where they are cited. Figure captions should appear centered under the corresponding figure and set in 10 pt. Helvetica or Arial Bold. Use the abbreviation “Fig. 1,” even at the beginning of a sentence in the body text. Figures may be full color. All colors will be retained on the USB Proceeding. Figures must not use stipple fill patterns because they may not be reproduced properly. Please use only SOLID FILL colors which contrast well on screen, as shown in Fig. 1.

Tables should be presented in the form shown in Table 1. Table captions should appear centered above the corresponding table and be set in 10 pt. Helvetica or Arial Bold. Wide tables and figures should be placed at the top or bottom of the page that they are mentioned. Not within the middle of a page with text above and below.

Equations are placed in center. If they are numbered, make sure that they are numbered consecutively. Place the numbers in parentheses. Flush with the right-hand margin of the column.

Images in your document should be at least 300 or 600 dpi for quality reproduction and saved as .tif images (or other compatible format that supports print quality resolution). When creating or revising your images for inclusion in the paper, we recommend choosing CMYK (and not RGB) as the color profile.

If you have problems about abstract submission, please click the button to download and fill out “Manual Abstract Submission Form” by email to

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