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Organizing Committee
Technical Committee
Oversea Advisory Committee
Organizing Committee

Honorary Committee Chairs

  Baoping Wang

Deputy vice president, Southeast University, SID Fellow

  Chi-Ming Che

Professor, University of Hong Kong, member of CAS

  Ching W. Tang

Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Member of United State National Academy of Engineering, SID Fellow

  Han-Ping D. Shieh

Former Vice president, Taiwan National Chiao Tung University, SID Fellow

  Hoi S. Kwok

Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, SID Fellow

  Hongxing Xu

Professor, Wuhan University, member of CAS

  Ming Liu

Professor, Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of CAS

  Qionghai Dai

Professor, Tsinghua University, member of CAE

  Shou Peng

Chief Engineer, China National Building Materials Group Corporation, member of CAE

  Vivian Wing-Wah Yam

Professor, University of Hong Kong, member of CAS

  Wei Huang

Deputy vice president, Northwestern Polytechnical University, member of CAS

  Xiaomo Wang

Member of China Academy of Engineering (CAE)

  Yong Cao

Professor, South China University of Technology, member of CAS

  Youliao Zheng

Professor, Nanjing University, member of CAS

  Yue Hao

Professor, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, member of CAS

  Yunqi Liu

Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of CAS

  Zhongcan Ouyang

Professor, Institute of Theoretical Physics, member of CAS

  Zhonglin Wang

Director, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, member of CAS

  Zuyan Xu

Professor, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, member of CAE

General Chair

  Chair: Junbiao Peng

Professor, South China University of Technology,SID Cross Strait Regional Vice President

Executive Chairs

   Hoi S. Kwok

Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Director of SID Hong Kong Chapter, SID Fellow

     Fu-Jen (Frank) Ko

   General Manager, AUO, Director of SID Taipei Chapter   Qun (Frank) Yan, Professor, Fuzhou University, Director

   of SID Beijing Chapter, Secretary of SID, SID Fellow

   Qun (Frank) Yan

Professor, Fuzhou University, Director of SID Beijing Chapter, Secretary of SID, SID Fellow

Organization Committee Chair

    Leader from BOE

Wenbao Gao, Executive Vice President, DAS BG CEO, BOE

Program Committee

   Chair: Dan Wang

Senior Research and Development Director, BOE

   Co-Chair: Xiaowei Sun

Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

Program Committee Member

   Technical committee member of SID Beijing chapter (200 from different enterprises and universities)

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

1.   Active Matrix Display 10. E-paper &   Flexible Displays
2. Applied Vision 11.   Liquid-Crystal Technology
3. AR & VR 12.   Lighting
4. Display Applications 13.   OLEDs
5. Display Electronics 14.   Printed Displays
6. Display Measurement 15.   Projection
7. Display Manufacturing 16.   Touch & Interactive Displays
8. Display Systems 17.   Vehicle Displays
9. Emissive Displays

Technical   fieldPositionCommittees
Active-Matrix   DevicesChairShengdong Zhang   (Peking Univ)
Co- ChairXiaojun   Guo (Shanghai jiaotong Univ)
Guangcai Yuan (BOE)
MemberQing   Wan (Nanjing Univ)
Qun Zhang (Fudan Univ)
Lei Liao (Hunan Univ)
Hui Zhu (Visionox)
Linfeng Lan (South China Univ of Technology)
Xiang Liu (Chengdu CEC Panda Technology Co.Ltd)
Xifeng Li (Shanghai Univ)
Fukai Shan (Qingdao Univ)
Yingteng Zhai (TIANMA)
Zhinong Yu (Beijing Institute of Technology)
   Junyan Liu (Huawei)
   Junwei Wu(Vivo)
Applied   VisionChairHao   Chen (Wenzhou Medical Univ)
Co- ChairYuning   Zhang (Southeast Univ)
Weidong Huang (TCL)
MemberChangbing   Huang (Institute of Psychology, CAS)
Yijun Wang (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS)
Lili Wang (Southeast Univ)
Yunhong Zhang (China National Institute of   Standardization)
Ruirun Jin (BOE)
AR&VRChairLijun   Wang (Dream World Technolgy Inc)
Juan Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology)
MemberQun   Yan (Fuzhou Univ )
Hongen Liao (Tsinghua Univ)
Linsen Chen (SVG Optronics)
Xinzhu Sang (Beijing Univ of Posts and   Telecommunications)
Jun Xia (Southeast Univ)
Dong Chen (BOE)
Zhenhua Zhang (Lenovo)
Yingbao Yang (v-technology ltd)
Liang Yuan (HUAWEI)
Xiaobin Dong (Hisense Electric Co.,Ltd)
Yan Li (Shanghai jiaotong Univ)
Dong Qian (TIANMA)
Qionghua Wang(Beihang University)
Tongsheng Mou (Zhejiang Univ)
Yi Xie (AVIC)
Junwei Wu(Vivo)
Wen Qiao (Soochow Univ)
Display   ApplicationsChairZhifu   Li (BOE)
Co- ChairXiaodi   Tan (Fujian normal University)
MemberHongen   Liao (Tsinghua Univ)
Gang Xu (HUAWEI)
Xinzhu Sang (Beijing Univ of Posts and   Telecommunications)
Limin Yan (Shanghai Univ)
Xiaozhen Zhao (Changshaxiangjihaidun Co.Ltd)
Nan Lin (Lenovo)
Junguo Liu (BOE)
Congfeng Liu (ChangHong)
Yujun Xiao (CSOT)
Junhong Liu (Nangjing Huadong Electronics   Information & Technology Co.,Ltd)
Feng Qin (TIANMA)
Display   ElectronicsChairYongming   Tang (Southeast Univ)
Co- ChairJuncheng   Geng (CHIPONE)
MemberMing-Jong   Jou (TCL CSOT)
Zhijun Wang (Nangjing Huadong Electronics   Information & Technology Co.,Ltd)
Zhongyuan Wu (BOE)
Weijing Wu (South China Univ of Technology)
Xiujian Zhu (Visionox)
Wen Huang (TIANMA)
Lifeng Wu (Empyrean)
Daxue Xia (TCL)
Display   MeasurementChairXiaohua   Li (Southeast Univ)
Co-   ChairWeihua   Wu (National Radio and Television Quality Inspection Center)
Chi Chen (National Institute of Metrology)
MemberTongsheng   Mou (Zhejiang Univ)
Zhigang Zhang (BOE)
Mingsheng Qiao (Hisense Electric Co.,Ltd)
Pengle Dang (Visionox)
Lei Song (SuperD)
Junmao Cao (HUAWEI)
Lizhou Bai (SIEMIC)
Display   ManufacturingChairBingjie   Liao (CSOT)
Co- ChairChenyuan   Dong (Shanghai jiaotong Univ)
MemberChang   Zhou (SMEE)
Junfeng Li (Visionox)
Jifeng Chen (Worldiatools)
Honglong Ning (South China Univ of Technology)
Baohua Gu (PANDA)
Minqiang Feng (Suzhou Univ)
Yanzhao Li (BOE)
Qinglong Li (Goodlcd)
Huawei Xu (TIANMA)
Guo Zhao (CSOT)
Zhinong Yu(Beijing Institute of Technology)
Wenlin Tang (Worldia)
Dankui Wang (Beijing Eswin)
Display   SystemsChairChanglin   Leng (BOE)
Co-   ChairGang   Liu (HUAWEI)
Youye Chen (CSOT)
MemberGuoxu   Liu (SHINEON)
Xiaobao Zhang (Visionox)
Xiaoning Zhang (Xi'an Jiaotong Univ)
Weiguo Li (BOE)
Jia Yang (Hisense)
Jiahui Wang (Sun Yat-Sen Univ)
Xubiao Chen (TPV Electronics(Fujian)Co.,   Ltd)
Zhong Ji (Yuanse Technology)
Honglei Ji (TCL)
Jianwei Cao(Hisense)
Emissive   DisplaysChairLei   Qian (TCL)
Co- ChairXiaowei   Sun (Southern Univ of Science and Technology)
MemberQun   Yan (Fuzhou Univ)
Huaiting Shi (BOE)
Yizheng Jin (Zhejiang Univ)
Fushan Li (Fuzhou Univ)
Xuyong Yang (Shanghai Univ)
Haibo Zeng (Nanjing Univ of Science and   Technology)
Zhaojun Liu (Southern Univ of Science and   Technology)
Chenggong Wang (Visionox)
Kai Wang (sustech)
Jianwei Cao(Hisense)
E-Paper and Flexible DisplaysChairZheng   Cui (Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, CAS)
Guofu Zhou (South China Normal Univ)
Co- ChairBo-Ru   Yang (Sun Yat-Sen Univ)
MemberJunbiao   Peng (South China Univ of Technology)
Dawei Wang (BOE)
Junliang Yang (Central South Univ)
Zhixian Lin (Fuzhou Univ)
Xiaoyu Gao (Visionox)
Sitao Huo (TIANMA)
Dingguo Chen (CSOT)
Jun Li (Shanghai Univ)
Xidu Wang (OEDTech)
Zong Qin (Sun Yat-sen University)
Qijun Sun (Beijing Institute of Nanoenerg and Nanosytem, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Xinkai Wu (Huawei)
Guuishi Liu (Jinan Univ.)
Liquid-Crystal TechnologyChairJiangang   Lu Shanghai jiaotong Univ)
Co- ChairYongrui   Li (CSOT)
Yubao Sun (Hebei Univ of Technology)
Qing Li (Southeast Univ)
Zhuo Zhang (SINEVA)
Zhicheng Song (Hisense)
Zaijian Liu (BOE)
LightingChairQiuhong   Hu (SENSING)
Co- ChairGang   Zhou (CESI)
Huibin Qin (Hangzhou Dianzhi Univ)
MemberXiangping   Ye (National Testing Center for Optical Radiation Safety of Photoelectric   Products)
Jiangbi Hu (Beijing University of Technology)
Yuning Zhang (Nanjing Donghui Photoeletric   Co.,Ltd)
Qiang Zhong (Hisense)
Jing Xie (Yeolight)
Zhenjian Peng (National lamps quality   supervision and test center (zhongshan))
OLEDsChairJianhua Zhang   (Shanghai Univ)
Co- ChairLian   Duan (Tsinghua Univ)
Boyan Lv (TCL)
MemberZhongjun   Li (BOE)
Liangsheng Liao (Soochow Univ)
Dechun Zou (Peking Univ)
Shijian Su (South China Univ of Technology)
Zheng Xu (Beijing Jiaotong Univ)
Zhikuan Chen (Nanjing Tech Univ)
Junsheng Yu (Univ of Electronic Science and   Technology of China)
Song Liu (Visionox)
Jinghua Niu (TIANMA)
Rubo Xing (Visionox)
Jingyao Song (Guangzhou Chinaray)
Printing DisplaysChairDong   Fu (TCL)
Co- ChairJunbiao   Peng (South China Univ of Technology)
MemberZheng   Cui (Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, CAS)
Junyou Pan (Guangzhou hurui photoelectric   material co. ltd)
James Lee (Juhua)
Lian Duan (Tsinghua Univ)
Xiaojun Guo (Shanghai jiaotong Univ)
Bo-Ru Yang (Sun Yat-Sen Univ)
Liang Sun (CSOT)
Mi Zhang (SINEVA)
Sitao Huo (TIANMA)
Dongfang Yang (BOE)
ProjectionChairYong   Bi (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS)
Co- ChairYi   Li (APPOTRONICS)
MemberNing   Chen (CHANGHONG)
Rongjun Xie (Xiamen Univ)
Zhenrong Zheng (Zhejiang Univ)
Jing Wang (Sun Yat-Sen Univ)
Xianrong Liu (Hisense)
Xiaohui Ma (ChangchunUniversityof Science and Technology)
Touch and Interactive DisplaysChairQijun   Yao (TIANMA)
Co- ChairYinglong   Huang (BOE)
MemberSP   Chou (BOE)
Jianping Chen (Visionox)
Xiaohong Zhou (iVTouch)
Jinwei Hong (MLight Electronics)
Zuhui Chen (Fujian kechuang photoelectric co.   Ltd)
Dan Wang (BOE)
Vehicle DisplaysChairXiongping   Li (TIANMA)
Yan Li (Shanghai jiaotong Univ)
MemberJuan   Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Qi Shan (Visionox)
Bo Qiao (Zhejiang Sensing)

Oversea Advisory Committee
Oversea Advisory Committee