International MicroLED Workshop (IMW)


Micro-LEDs (micro light-emitting diodes) displays have received much attention because they have the potential to bring us into a new era of truly immersive and interactive experience. Fast response time, micro size, wide environment temperature, and long operating lifetime, enable Micro-LED display for almost all display application, even flexible and transparent display. Due to their micron-scale size, Micro-LEDs show great promise in very high pixel density display. By integrating with various type of sensors, receivers, and controlling micro-IC, Micro-LEDs can pave the way for realizing highly integrated semiconductor information display (HISID), the next generation information display technology.

Because of its superior properties such as self-emission, high brightness, wide operating environments, high response frequency, high efficiency and low power consumption, Micro-LEDs has been identified for application in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), vehicle display, wearable devices, mobile displays, indoor displays, and low pixel density outdoor screen or advertising board. Beyond traditional display applications, Micro-LED has been widely studied in LiFi communication, bio-medical sensors, position detecting, light field display, and much more application in the horizon.

The deadline of Call for paper is March 8.

Call For Papers

Although there has been significant progress in Micro-LED development, many issues, from fundamental physics to supply chain challenegs, as well as the outstanding issue of comparing the most promising approaches towards large-scale assembly from epitaxial wafers to actual displays. Papers that describe the science and technology of Micro-LED devices, materials, characterizations, mass transfer, assembling, packaging, driving circuits, system architectures, and applications are solicited, specifically in following area:

1. Advances in the growth and fabrication of micro-LEDs, including improvements in emission wavelength uniformity and power conversion efficiency.

2. Design and fabrication of Micro-LED displays, mass transfer and bonding technology, native RGB on monolithic GaN LED, RGB full color and color conversion technology, inspection and repair technology, driving circuit design and fabrication (CMOS, TFT, Micro-IC), reliability test and evaluation technology, materials and processes associated to those technology.

3. Design and fabrication of HISIDs (highly integrated semiconductor information display/devices), focused on integration of Micro-LEDs, light field optics, antenna, receiver, sensors, memory chip, micro IC’s, and other unique functionalities into information displays to enable outstanding interactive and immersive experiences in new form factors. Issues such as micro-size devices transfer and assembly, light field display image creation and displaying, electric and magnetic interference among micro-size devices, signal delivering and processing, data compression and communication, etc.

4. Design and fabrication of Micro-LEDs for other application such as smart lighting, LiFi, bio-medical tools, position detector, photo mask, LED printer, etc.

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The deadline of Call for paper is March 8, 2020.

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