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Booth Number展位号:A4
Company Websitewww.sensingm.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:乔波 13306525669 mw@sensingm.com
Company Profile:
   三色公司主导制订了一系列显示光学测量国际标准。尤其在OLED、动态背光、透明显示、3D、激光显示、HUDAR/VR等光学评测方面,为光电产业做出的杰出贡献得到国际认可,两次获得国际标准化杰出贡献奖“IEC 1906 Award”。
     SENSING Optronics Co., LTD as part of SENSING group, based in Hangzhou, China, provides professional testing and measurement solutions in optical research, standard development, and manufacturing in lighting and display manufacture. Especially in the OLED, dynamic backlight, transparent display, 3D, laser display, HUD, AR / VR display and other optical performance evaluation, we have many innovative research results. Our portfolio is applicable to a wide range of customer needs from laboratory research, production level, quality check examination for field measurement (portable) use. Our products include photometers, colorimeters spectroradiometers, goniophotometers, and optical radiation safety testing systems. We may also could provide customized solutions according to your demands.
     We are always looking for better visual perception
Description of the product orservice that your company intends to show.
     VDM-1800 VR光学测量系统
     VDM-1800 是专用于VR虚拟显示设备的光学性能、几何参数和图像质量测量的理想评测系统。光学成像系统采用模拟人眼视网膜成像的光学系结构,测量系统的入瞳光阑(模拟人眼瞳孔)与被测产品的眼位(出瞳)匹配,模拟人眼实际观看时的眼位状态,实现恒定测量视场角、固定探测器接收角的光电测量,符合人眼视觉的球形坐标系统;光电检测系统集成高精度光谱辐射和高分辨成像器件,实现虚拟图像的中心亮度、色品坐标、对比度,峰值亮度、白场色温、色域、均匀性、单眼水平和垂直视场角、双目水平和垂直视场角、总视场、分辨率、畸变、虚像距离、出瞳或眼盒尺寸、响应时间、闪烁度、双目亮度和色度一致性、视轴差、MTF、图像畸变等参数的测量。
    VDM-1800 VR Optical Measurement System
    VDM-1800 is an ideal measurement system which is specially designed for measurement the optical performances, geometric parameters and image quality of VR devices. This system consists of an imaging lens simulating human eye geometry, high-resolution CCD camera, high-sensitivity spectroradiometer and H-V spherical coordinate system. Entrance pupil to be matched with the VR eye box and constant FOV independent of the image distance. This system can be used to test the luminance, chromaticity, uniformity, FOV(Monocular FOV, binocular FOV and total FOV), pixel angular resolution, virtual image distance, exit pupil, flicker, eye box, image distortion, binocular parallax, misalignment, collimation axis difference, MTF, etc.

Booth Number 展位号A8
Company Name福州英菲迅光电科技有限公司Fuzhou Innovation Optoelectronic Co., Ltd
Company Websitehttp://fzyfx.taobao.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:胡先生136968875820591-83709182hu0591@gmail.com
Company Profile:
我公司专业研发、生产、销售真空镀膜材料、镀膜机配件,产品主要有蒸发舟、坩埚、镀膜材料、靶材、陶瓷材料、设备维修、镀膜技术咨询。主要服务于显示面板,太阳能,半导体,激光器。本公司以专业的 合理的价格。
  We offer the following Products & Services:evaporation materialsevaporation sourcessputtering targetstarget bondingprecious metals reclaim services.
Description ofthe product orservice that your company intends to show.
evaporation materialsevaporation sourcessputtering targets

Booth Number 展位号A12,A13
Company Name:上海米开罗那机电技术有限公司Shanghai Mikrouna Mech.Tech.Co.,Ltd.
Company Website www.mikrouna.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:张攀峰021-6818272315216662932
Company Profile:
米开罗那于2000年在国内率先研发、生产、销售手套箱设备,为全球继VACMBRAUN之后的第三家研发生产企业 ,属于国内首创。公司拥有大约90名工程技术人员。其中研究员(教授级高工)2名,高级工程师6名,工程师80余名。
In 2000, Mikrouna was the first company to begin Research & Development, Sales and the manufacturing of Glove Boxes in China. Mikrouna was the third company following VAC and MBRAUN to begin marketing Glove Boxes globally. This achievement set Mikrouna as the leading manufacturing in China. Currently, Mikrouna has involved 90 engineers with expertise covering mechanical, electronic chemical, physics, welding, instrument, vacuum technology, hydrodynamic, energetic, optical electronic and materials engineering. Among them, there are 2 researchers(Professor of Engineering),6 senior Engineers and 80 engineers.
Mikrouna is Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), CE and ISO9001 certified.
Until the end of 2018, Mikrouna has already sold more than 10000 Glove Box units globally and took over 80% absolute market share in China
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
Main Products: Super Purified Glove Box, Glove Box for Nuclear Field, Special Lighting Production lines, Lithium Battery/Super Capacitor Automatic Production Line, Internet of Things Glove Box System, Separate Gas Purification System, Glove Box Integrated Evaporator. At present, These products have been exported to Europe, America, Asia and so on.
Nowadays Mikrouna has established a R&D center in Shanghai, production factories are respectively located in USA , Hubei and Shanghai.There is a design center in Shenyang. In order to better market our productions and offer after-sales services, we have set a series of service centers respectively distributing in Beijing,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Xi'an,Wuhan,Fuzhou,Nanjing,Hangzhou,Changsha,Chengdu,Changchun,Tianjing,Jinan,Dalian,Qingdao etc.

Booth Number 展位号A14
Company Name:上海衡色光电科技有限公司Shanghai Color-Measure Photonics Tec., Ltd.
Company Website http://www.color-measure.com/
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:Monica15021159347
Company Profile:
上海衡色光电科技有限公司着眼于光电领域的技术服务与产品经销,产品已经应用于显示屏实验室及生产线、飞机仪表显示板检测、汽车仪表板显示行业。我们携手Westboro Photonics公司提供基于光谱仪及成像式亮度色度计的光学系统检测方案。我们的成像光谱色度计已成为显示屏制造行业的光学检测新秀,被客户评价为业内高性价比产品。
Shanghai Color-Measure Photonics Tec., Ltd. focuses on the technical services and products distribution in the field of optoelectronics. Now we have promoted our products to display R&D and production line, aircraft instrument and  display panel testing and automotive dashboard industry. Together with Westboro Photonics, we offer optical measurement system inspection solutions based on spectrometers and imaging colorimeter. Our imaging spectral colorimeter has become superior optical inspection products in the display manufacturing industry and been evaluated by customers as a cost-effective product in the industry.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述
WP6系列成像色度计为Westboro Photonics的经典产品,现可升级为WP6E集成电控镜头或WP6ES集成电控镜头、光谱仪及闪烁模块。Smart系列成像亮度计已全线升级为CMOS传感器,具有更快的速度、更高的动态范围和稳定性。CM80视角亮度计及WP214视角光谱色亮度计依然是高性价比视角测量的一枝独秀。
WP6 series image colorimeters are classic products of Westboro Photonics, now they could update to WP6E Integrated Electronic Lens Control, and WP6ES Integrated Spectrometer and flicker sensor. Smart series Image Photometer sensor has updated to CMOS, which is faster and stability, higher dynamic range. CM80 Viewangle photometer and WP214 Viewangle spectrum image colorimeter maintain high quality and cost-effective.

Booth Number 展位号:A18
Company Name青岛海信激光显示股份有限公司Hisense Laser Display Co., Ltd
Company Websitewww.hisense.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:张建涛 185626302920
Company Profile:
Hisense is the first batch of innovative enterprises in China. It has a state-level enterprise technology center, a national post-doctoral research station, a national 863 achievement industrialization base, a national torch plan software industry base, and a national key laboratory for digital multimedia technology. As a new generation of display technology, laser display represents the main trend and direction of the future development of TV technology. Hisense has been conducting research on laser display technology for ten years and is a leader in the laser TV industry. Hisense Laser Display Company is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of laser TV products based on ultra-short-focus lenses. It is committed to the industrial development of laser TVs and the integration of industrial chain resources. It has now achieved complete independent research and development and independent manufacturing and has applied for 761 core patents in the field of laser display. The company has formed a lineup of 4K laser TV products with a size range of 80 to 150 inches. In recent years, Hisense TV has already had the strength to rise rapidly in the global market. By sponsoring the world's top sports events such as the European Cup and the 2018 World Cup, Hisense has rapidly enhanced its brand influence on a global scale.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
The red and blue pure laser are used in 100L7 laser TV. The color gamut can reach 110%(NTSC). The UHD 4K imaging is achieved by ultra-short focus projection technology and DLP chip. In terms of heat dissipation, the model adopts the liquid-cooled heat dissipation system developed by Hisense.
100L9 uses three-primary laser source, and the display gamut can reach 147% (NTSC). The laser speckle phenomenon is effectively optimized by using a new optical and circuit design. The ultra-short focus projection technology and DLP scheme achieves 4K image display. In terms of heat dissipation, the model adopts the liquid cooling heat dissipation system developed by Hisense.

Booth Number 展位号A19
Company Name苏州苏大维格科技集团股份有限公司SVG Tech Group Co.,Ltd.
Company Websitewww.svgoptronics.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人
赵云龙 18118131600 zhaoyunlong@svgoptronics.com
Company Profile:
苏州苏大维格科技集团股份有限公司 (简称苏大维格)致力于微纳关键技术、柔性智能制造、柔性光电子材料的创新应用,国家高新技术企业。经多年发展,苏大维格成为微纳光电材料、新型显示和纳米印刷领域自主创新的典型企业,涉及微纳光学印材、纳米印刷、3D成像材料、平板显示(大尺寸电容触控屏,超薄导光板)、高端智能微纳装备(纳米压印、微纳直写光刻、3D光场打印等)的研发与产业化, 在深交所A股创业板上市(苏大维格300331)。
As a leader in advanced nano manufacturing technologies, SVG Optronics offers the functional optical films and devices, for display, lighting, capacitive touch panels, such as ultra-thin light guide plates, large size touch panels and microlens array films. SVG Optronics also make technology transfering in the nano-manufacturing systems including UV  maskless lithography, nano-patterning, roll-to-roll nano-imprinting  and 3D light field rinting systems for  variety of industrial and research applications.SVG Optronics has been a stock company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, code: 300331, from June.28,212.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
VisionBoard 电容触控终端:大尺寸电容触控屏与智能终端为用户提供高性能、高精准度的多人、人机交互界面;涉及智慧城市、智慧教育、智慧医疗、智能家居、智能办公、工业智能制造、金融自助终端等诸多领域。

Booth Number 展位号A20
Company Name:光傲科技股份有限公司Light All Co.,Ltd
Company Websitewww.light-all.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
娄泽原  leon-lou@light-all.com  18018636742

Company Profile:


德国TechnoTeam公司 LMK 系列高精度成像式亮度、色度。LMK 系列产品可进行亮度、色度测量外,还可进行像素串扰(Pixel Cross-Talk)、Mura、视角、残影测试。适用于LCDOLEDMicroLEDAR/VR等显示测试,以及De-mura 制程。
美国Optronic Laboratories公司供军标级精度的光谱亮度计、标准光源等。
美国Colorimetry Research 公司高感亮度、色度计,满足OLED黑态测试。适用于OLED等显示器的Gamma校正制程。
Light-All focus on light measurement and metrology product and technology. We have close cooperation of following partner in China:
TechnoTeam: Imaging luminance and color meter;
Optronic Laboratories: Spectra-radiometer and standard lamp.
Colorimetry Research: High sensitivity color-meter for HDR display measurement.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
1, LMK 6-12 color 成像式亮度色度计,测试Mura,残影,均匀性,像素串扰
3CR 120 高感亮度、色度计
4JETI 1511 光谱亮度计
1LMK 6-12 color video photometer
2LMK NED ARVR measurement system
3CR 120 color meter for OLED HDR measurement
4JETI 1511 spectroradiometer
5CR 250 Spectroradiometer
6CalMAN display calibration software
Multi-channels life measurement system

Booth Number 展位号:A24,A25
Company Name江苏集萃有机光电技术研究所有限公司JITRI Organic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
Company Websitehttp://www.jitriioo.com/
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
张丽娜  18306206193  zhangln@jitriioo.com
朱文俊  18260186691  zhuwenjun@f-sheng.com
Company Profile:
The Institute of Organic Optoelectronics was jointly established by JITRI (Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute), the Wujiang Government of Suzhou and Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and his team in July 2016. It covers an area of more than 200 acres and has about 30,000 square meters of laboratory and office space.
The Institute regards R&D as an industry and technology as a commodity. The Institute currently has a number of world-renowned experts in organic optoelectronics as its core members, who are mostly scientists from the Academy of Sciences or Engineering in China or overseas. It aims to become a world-class research and development center in the area of organic optoelectronics.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
At present, the main research directions of the institute are divided into the following four aspects: (1) Self-developed, produced and sold non-standard vacuum scientific research equipment: molecular beam evaporation coating machine, ion beam evaporation coating machine, organic metal thermal evaporation coating machine, magnetic control splash, etc. The coating machine is highly praised by universities and research institutes. At the same time, it designs and develops the first large-area OLED thin film evaporation equipment and production line equipment in China; (2) Developing high-efficiency and long-life, large area OLED lighting panels and lamps by using independent production line equipment; (3) Independent development of high-performance Micro-OLED displays, the device performance has reached the domestic leading level; (4) Established a common analysis and test platform equipped with a complete set of analytical instruments for optoelectronic materials and optoelectronic devices, providing the testing and analysis services for the performance of semiconductor materials and their products, and testing and appraisal reports, etc.

Booth Number 展位号:A26
Company Name:瑞光学系统(上海)有限公司
Company Websitehttps://www.radiantvisionsystems.com/zh-hans
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Katrina Zhang 13564420020 katrina.zhang@radiantvs.com
Company Profile:
制造行业的全球引领者们都依赖Radiant Vision Systems的测试和测量解决方案来保证产品质量、降低成本并改进效率。Radiant Vision Systems(光学系统) 总部位于美国华盛顿州雷德蒙德市(Redmond, WA),其先进的成像测试系统,能够对LCD/OLED显示器和设备组件的亮度、色度、制造完整性和表面质量进行严格的评估。Radiant产品包括用于测量和控制的TrueTestTM自动化视觉检测软件、ProMetric®成像色度计和亮度计、Source Imaging Goniometers®光源成像测角仪系统、视角性能测量镜头以及广泛应用于生产级测量的机器视觉软件工具库。我们向客户提供卓越的技术咨询支持,确保客户能够享受并充分利用我们的系统给他们的生产系统带来的所有价值。Radiant Vision Systems目前已在中国上海、深圳,韩国城南设立直属办事处,其总部位于美国华盛顿州雷德蒙德市,负责协调统筹全球直销及分销事务。自 2015 8 月起,Radiant 并入柯尼卡美能达公司(Konica Minolta)传感事业部。
World leaders in manufacturing rely on Radiant Vision Systems for test and measurement solutions that ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Based in Redmond, WA, Radiant Vision Systems has proven production experience with thousands of cameras testing millions of devices worldwide. We approach each application with a wider range of solution options, a global base of experience, and a depth of understanding that enable us to keep raising the benchmarks for practical performance. Radiant Vision Systems engineers advanced imaging systems to critically evaluate light, color, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality of illuminated displays and device assemblies. Radiant products include TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection systems for measurement and control, ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, Source Imaging Goniometer® systems, lenses for view angle performance measurement, and the most extensive machine vision software tool library for production-level measurement and control. We back our systems with outstanding consultative technical support, ensuring that our clients enjoy and leverage all of the value built into their systems. In addition to its Redmond headquarters, Radiant Vision Systems has direct offices in Shanghai, China; Shenzhen, China; and South Korea. The company is represented worldwide by a combination of direct and indirect distribution channels. Radiant has been a part of Konica Minolta’s Sensing Business Unit since August 2015.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
基于 TrueTest™(自动化光学检测软件)和ProMetric®高分辨率成像亮度计、色度计测量系统构建了一个全自动的高精准高分辨率的缺陷检测系统,高效、精准地找到LCD, OLED显示器像素的缺陷,避免人工检查时因主观性而影响产品的检查效果,提高产品质量。
Radiant  TrueTest 软件提供行业领先的显示器测试算法,能够进行测试定序,然后将选定的测试运用到相机采集的单一图像,确保在几秒钟内快速完成显示器所有相关特征的评估。TrueTest中的标准测试包括亮度、色度、对比度、均匀性、Mura(瑕疵)、像素和线缺陷等。

Radiant AR/VR镜头是业界首款能够对人眼通过头戴式AR/VR设备可以观看到的整个显示器进行评估的镜头。此款AR/VR镜头与Radiant ProMetric® 1600万像素或2900万像素成像亮度计或色度计搭配使用,采集显示器的高精度图像,用于像素级和亚像素级测量,以检测VR/AR显示器的缺陷和异常,能够解决各种线下和线上应用:


Booth Number 展位号:A32
Company Name:深圳纳德光学有限公司Shenzhen NED Optics Co.,Ltd
Company Websitewww.goovis.cn

Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
夏晶  13823130415 xiaj@nedoptics.com.cn
Company Profile:
深圳纳德光学有限公司是一家专注于近眼显示AR/VR/MR 等智能眼镜的核心技术开发,并提供产品以及应用解决方案的国家高新技术企业,是高品质头戴显示的行业领先者。公司核心技术成员包括海归光电显示博士以及原奥林巴斯资深光学专家,在微型显示设计开发、高精密成像光学设计与制造、图像处理与驱动等方面拥有十余年经验,掌握核心技术,已在国内国际申请70多项技术专利,30多项已获得授权。
Founded in January 2015, Shenzhen NED Optics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NED Optics) is a startup hi-tech company in the Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality(VR) head mounted displays (HMDs) field. The company is deeply committed to the research and development of cutting-edge near-eye display technologies and products. The technical team consists of doctors in display optics and experts from Olympus who own more than a decade of solid technological experience in micro display devices, near-eye display optics, ultra-precision optical-mechanic design and assembly, image processing algorithm and driving system. NED Optics has filed more than 70 patents worldwide, of which over 30 have been granted. NED Optics has received investment of about $5 million, and sets up R&D and marketing branches in Hong Kong and the United States.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:

GOOVIS is the brand of HMD products of NED Optics, which means ‘Good Vision’. As the most advanced entertainment HMD with leading characteristics of high resolution, light weight, and dizziness free, GOOVIS features FHD 800” giant screen @20 meters, displays 2D and 3D videos, and supports 360º panoramic view. GOOVIS provides users with cinema-like experience, especially immersive, realistic and compelling 3D experience. It is recommended by Professor Ching Tang, the father of OLED, as a leading brand of HMDs applying OLED technology. Not only can be used to view films and videos and playing games, the GOOVIS also has been widely applied in industrial fields, such as education, training, medical treatment, marketing, tourism, aviation, security, manufacturing, etc. The products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions all over the world, including UK, Germany, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Macro, and Taiwan.

Booth Number 展位号:A35;36;37;41;42;43
Company Name:天马微电子股份有限公司Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.goovis.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:吴弢15882467530
Company Profile:
公司产线组合完善并不断加大对全球先进技术和高端产线的布局,现经营管理4.5a-Si5a-Si5.5LTPS5.5AM-OLED6LTPS6AMOLED等多条产线。其中,厦门5.5LTPS产线为中国第一条,并率先实现满产满销;厦门6LTPS产线已率先向移动智能终端品牌大客户量产出货,并实现满产满销;上海5.5AMOLED产线2017年起已全面向移动智能终端品牌大客户量产出货;武汉6AMOLED产线于20186月正式向品牌客户出货。公司产业基地分布在深圳、上海、成都、武汉、厦门、日本等六地,并在美国、德国、日本、韩国、台湾、香港等主要发达国家与地区设有全球营销网络和技术服务支持平台。 公司以激情、高效、共赢为核心价值观,以创造精彩、引领视界为使命,以成为备受社会尊重和员工热爱的全球显示领域领先企业为愿景,以科技为本,创新服务于全球显示市场。
Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Tianma) specializes in providing display solutions and efficient support services worldwide. We were originally established in 1983 and publicly listed on t Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ. 000050) in 1995.  We have a comprehensive production line combination of production lines: G2 to G6 TFT-LCD lines (including a-Si, LTPS), G5.5 to G6 AMOLED line and TN, STN lines, enabling Tianma to achieve the highest possible level of product quality and supply capability. Tianma was the first to start mass production from a G5.5 LTPS production line in China. In addition, Xiamen G5.5 LTPS production line is the first line in China which is capable of producing and selling in full capacity; Shanghai G5.5 AMOLED production line has been lightened, mass produced and delivered in Mainland China in advanced; Wuhan G6 AMOLED production line achieved mass production. We have established manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Xiamen, China as well as in Akita, Japan. In addition, a global sales and technical support network has been put in place that includes offices in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. to ensure seamless global support to our customers. With the profound accumulation of technologies, production line development and talent reserve, Tianma will continue to focus on serving display markets worldwide based on technology innovation. With our core values of “Passion, Effectiveness, Win-Win” and our mission “To Create Colorful Life”, Tianma is dedicated to be the world‘s well-respected leading display company.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
公司聚焦以智能手机、平板电脑、高阶笔电为代表的消费品市场和以车载、医疗、POSHMI等为代表的专业显示市场,并积极布局智能家居、智能穿戴、AR/VR、无人机等新兴市场。公司自主掌握多项领先显示技术,在以LTPSAMOLED 为代表的高端显示领域,技术及量产能力国内领先。
Our company is committed to providing leading technology and quality products to the consumer and professional display industries that are used in applications to include smart phones, tablet PCs, smart wear, automotive instrumentation, industrial and medical instrumentation, avionic display, home automation, etc. The possession of new technologies including LTPS-TFT, Oxide-TFT, AMOLED displays, Flexible displays, Transparent displays, 3D displays and In-cell/On-cell integrated touch technology set the foundation for innovation and the development of new and exciting products.

Booth Number 展位号:A38,A44
Company NameAdmesy BV
Company Websitehttp://www.admesy.com/
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Candice Huang/黄小姐 0755-2100 9492 Candice.huang@admesy.com
Company Profile:
Admesy offers a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on colour and light measurements in inline production process environments. All products are developed and produced in-house based on a long history of inline testing in The Netherlands near Eindhoven. Our measurement devices are developed for industrial use and combine high speed accurate measurement with a robust device with a low maintenance need. we pride ourselves for supporting our customers through our offices in Incheon (Korea) and Shenzhen (China) to integrate our solutions optimally in their production processes.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:

Booth Number 展位号:B1
Company Name杭州远方光电信息股份有限公司EVERFINE PHOTO-E-INFOCO.,LTD.
Company Websitehttp://www.everfine.cn/
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Company Profile:
远方公司十分注重技术创新,两次获得“中国专利优秀奖”,多项产品荣获 “首批国家自主创新产品”、“国家重点新产品”等称号,已被国内外近百个国家和地区,万余家企业、高校、科研及质检机构所采用。远方检测校准中心为客户提供设备校准和研发检测服务,该中心获得美国NVLAP和中国CNAS实验室认可,实验室所用全套检测设备均为远方公司制造。
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:

Booth Number 展位号:B5
Company NameHIOKI (Shanghai) Sales &Trading Co.,Ltd 日置(上海)商贸有限公司
Company Websitewww.hioki.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Renjie wang 021-63910090 wangrj@hioki.com.cn
Company Profile:
Fast-forward to today, HIOIK E.E Corporation is established an important international status and influence in the advanced electronic measurement and manufacturing field since 1935. HIOKI (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd is established in china in April 2007.And next year, we set up service center for Chinese customers. We directly facing customers and listening to customer requirements to explore global marketing. HIOKI Philosophy is “Respect for Humanity” and “Contribution to Society”. We’ll do our best to develop and manufacture creative, highly reliable products.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
RGB laser meterRGB laser luminance meterOptical power meterLCRimpendence analyzer)、Power meterData logger etc

Booth Number 展位号:B9
Company Name:泰米科纳米技术(深圳)有限公司Temicon Nanotechnology Co., Ltd
Company Websitewww.temicon.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:李松昆,010-82867920skli@germantech.com.cn
Company Profile:
Temicon Nanotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture initiated by Temicon GmbH, and several high-tech companys. Temicon Shenzhen is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of micro-nano structural components used in displays, optoelectronics and lighting equipment. It has many internationally leading and unique independent patents.
Temicon Nanotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. specializes in the industrialization of large-area high-precision nanoimprint technology. The large-scale mass production technology developed with tens of nanometers line width has been leading the international market. Imprint accuracy is greatly improved while the cost of imprint is reduced, which provides a solid research foundation for the industrialization of nanoimprint technology. A large-area high-precision roll-to-plate nanoimprint production line to be built in Nanshan District, Shenzhen will provide customers with customized products.
Temicon Nanotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has a solid R&D foundation, an experienced team and high value-added products that are extremely suitable for the Asia-Pacific market in the future. It provides a one-stop solution for technical consulting, industrial R&D and mass production. It will become a highlight science and technology innovation enterprise in China and even the whole world.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
微纳米结构模具Micro/Nano structure template
抗反射结构Antireflective structure
微透镜阵列Micro lens array
光学扩散器Linear & Circular Diffuser structure
微纳米结构薄膜Film with Micro/Nano structure
微纳米结构注塑件Injection polymer part with Micro/Nano structrure
微纳米加工批量生产服务Volume production services for Micro/Nano fabrication
光学和光电子Optical & photoelectron

Booth Number 展位号:B10
Company Name:北京华通特瑞光电科技有限公司Beijng Hua Tong Terui Photon Technology Co.,Ltd.
Company Websitehttp://www.htterui.com/
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Wendy Wang/王秋红,  13764405263, sales@htterui.com
Rainbow Chen/陈文波, 13621686465, sales@htterui.com
Kai Lu / 卢凯宁,     13960922109, support@htterui.com
Woke Liang /梁子维, 0910111036, service@globalsi.com.tw
Company Profile:
Beijing Huatong Terui Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise. The company has been established for more than 20 years. The headquarters is located in the beautiful capital of Beijing, with offices in Shanghai and Fuzhou. The company has formed a huge sales network throughout the country. Many well-known domestic and foreign large enterprises, research institutions, universities and so on are our customers. The company will rely on the professional sales team and high-quality customer service staff to solve the problems of pre-sale, sale and after-sale products for customers in a timely and efficient manner. We are highly praised by our customers.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
拟展示的产品是瑞士FLUXIM公司自主研发的有机光电器件(OLED/OPV)的模拟软件和量测系统:(1)用于OLED/OPV单个器件模拟软件stefos;(2)用于OLEDOPV大面积(多个pixles)模拟软件Laoss;(3)用于OLED/OPV量测的集稳态、瞬态、交流阻抗于一体多功能硬件量测系统Paios;(4)用于OLED发光效率、有机薄膜PL以及分子方向性量测的测试系统Phelos;(5)还有做器件老化量测的设备 Litos
The products to be displayed are the simulation software and measurement system of organic optoelectronic devices (OLED/OPV) independently developed by FLUXIM, Switzerland: (1) OLED/OPV single device simulation software Setfos; (2) OLED/OPV large area (multiple pixles) organic semiconductor simulation software Laos; (3) OLED/OPV measurement set steady state, transient, AC impedance in one multi-function hardware measurement system Paios; (4) OLED luminous efficiency, organic film PL and molecular directionality measurement test system Pheros; (5) solar cell and OLED stability measurement platform Litos.

Booth Number 展位号:B11
Company Name:苏州波达光电子有限公司 Suzhou Podar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.szpodar.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
宋保辉  18051109029
Company Profile:
苏州波达光电子有限公司是一家专业从事OLEDLCDLED等相关显示行业的测试设备和综合解决方案提供商。公司产品涉及显示产品的光学、机械性能和视频信号等方面的测试测量,产品包括:柔性OLED弯折、卷曲、扭曲、拉伸表面翘曲分析仪等设备;五轴光学测量平台、GRLT/MPRT测试系统、光谱仪、色彩分析仪;8K HDMI/DP视频信号发生器/协议分析仪等。
Suzhou Podar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a testing equipment and integrated solution provider specializing in OLED, LCD, LED and other related display industries. The company's products involve mechanical, optical and video signal measurement of display. The products include: Flexible OLED Bending, Rolling, Twisting, Tension testing device Colorimeter, Five-axis optical measurement platform, GRLT/MPRT test system. 8K HDMI/DP Video Signal Generator/Protocol Analyser
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
柔性OLED弯折设备是由台湾知名厂商波色科技根据IEC标准倾力研发设计的一款可靠度测试设备,可对OLED屏幕、OLED折叠手机/平板等产品进行可靠度测试,并可以扩展至环境下(-40°C~+100 °C)测试。与此同时,公司首创的实时光学检测系统,可以在弯折过程中,对待测物的亮度变化、点缺陷、线缺陷等项目进行实时监控和记录,是研发和品质工程师理想的测试工具。
Flexible OLED bending equipment is a reliability testing equipment developed by Iboson Technology, a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer, according to IEC standards. It can test the reliability of OLED display, OLED folding phone/ Tablets and other related products. It can also be extended to the environment (-40 C ~+100 C) test.Additionally, the company's real-time optical detection system can monitor and record the brightness changes, point defects, line defects and other items in the bending process. It is an ideal testing tool for R&D and quality engineers.

Booth Number 展位号:B15
Company Name广州惠利电子材料有限公司 Guangzhou Wells Electronic Material Co., Ltd.
Company WebsiteWWW.wellselectronic.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
黄培轩 18820770780
荆昌泰 13925876250
Company Profile:
广州惠利电子材料有限公司,是惠柏新材料科技(上海)股份有限公司的全資子公司,并于2015年在新三板挂牌成功上市,,(股票代号:832862),是高新技术工程中心及贯标企业,公司现有厂房15000 m² ,主要产品有:注塑树脂,饰品用树脂,UV (光固)材料,光电产品封装(照明,背光),半导体封装,汽車电装品封装,接合剂, QD 量子点胶水,,惠利公司以服务客户为宗旨,已提升产业水准为目标,不断引进高品质原材料,推动企业自身的持续发展,亦为电子业界及高分子材料
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:

Booth Number 展位号:B21
Company Name:柯尼卡美能达(中国)投资有限公司Konica Minolta (China) Investment Ltd.
Company Websitehttp://www.konicaminolta.com.cn/instruments
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Company Profile:
Konica Minolta is a global leading optical company. We focuse on providing Light measurement Instruments for Display customers. Our Spectroradio-meter, Luminance-meter, Illuminance-meter and Chrome-meter can measure Luminance, Illuminance and color of LCD, PDP, BLU, LED, OLED,AMOLED,QLED,Micro LED,AR/VR etc.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
我们将继续扎根于“technology of light”的核心理念,根据客户不断变化旳需求为其提供优质的解决方案,自信地迎接新时代的挑战。

Booth Number 展位号:B22
Company Name:苏州晶湛半导体有限公司Enkris Semiconductor Inc.
Company Websitewww.enkris.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
李梦妮18801549837/0512-62709153 mengni.li@enkris.com
Company Profile:
晶湛半导体在氮化镓外延领域已掌握多项核心技术, 拥有独立的自主知识产权,截止2018年底在国内外申请了109项发明专利,其中已获得37多项授权。此外,晶湛半导体制度规范、体系完备,于2018年通过了ISO9001质量体系认证。
Enkris Semiconductor Inc. is devoted to developing high quality GaN epi-wafers for power electronics, RF and Micro-LED applications. Enkris is founded in March 2012 and located in Nanopolis Suzhou, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China. The CEO, Dr. Cheng Kai, have more than 15 years’ experience in GaN-on-Si epitaxy.
In August 2013, Enkris built the internationally advanced GaN epitaxial material production line in Suzhou. By the end of 2018, Enkris’ annual production capability is about 50k Pcs for 150mm wafers. Besides, Enkris is the first supplier who can achieve the mass production of 200mm GaN-on-Si LED epitaxial wafers with good performance. Enkris has mastered a number of core technologies in this field and has independent intellectual property rights. By the end of 2018, Enkris has applied for 109 patents and own 37 ones. In addition, Enkris passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2018.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
蓝宝石基LED外延片GaN-on-Sapphire LED wafer
硅基LED外延片GaN-on-Si LED wafer


Booth Number 展位号:B23
Company Name欣奕华科技集团  Sineva Technology Group
Company Websitewww.sineva.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
朴红梅 010-56800999
Company Profile:
Sineva was founded by China Optoelectronics and Innovation Technology Industry Fund and strategic investors in the field of materials and equipment, in May 2013. It is a high-tech company with intelligent machines and advanced materials as its core business. Sineva's main business covers intelligent machines, artificial intelligence, advanced materials and aircraft. Its headquarters located in Beijing, and intelligent machines, advanced materials, artificial intelligence business groups and industrial base in Hefei, Anhui of Anhui, and Haining of Zhejiang. Our vision is to become a world-leading company of  intelligent machines and advanced materials. It is one of the important companies to promote domestic enterprises to achieve industry 4.0 and promote China's intellectual manufacturing. By leveraging its global top team and resource integration capabilities, Sineva, a technology company aims to advance the development of intelligent machines and advanced materials in China .
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:

Booth Number 展位号:B25B26B31B32
Company Name安徽贝意克设备技术有限公司Anhui BEQ Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.ahbeq.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
李常委  13305511955
Company Profile:
Anhui BEQ Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of new materials and new energy equipment, Hefei Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise and Hefei New Energy Equipment Model Enterprise. The company has a number of expert consultants, including one thousand, two young professionals, and three professors. The company has laboratory with 400 square meters, and some are open to the public. The company has 35 patents, including 15 invention patents, and 9 domestic creations, of which 5 are international leaders.
The fields include graphene, carbon nanotubes, high temperature phosphors, OLED organic small molecule materials, PECVD systems, and the like. In addition, the company has intelligent high and low temperature CVD system, vacuum atmosphere tube furnaces, high and low temperature muffle furnaces, plasma cleaning equipment, RF sputtering equipment, pressure manual automatic tablet presses, glove box of various functional sizes, ball mill with various functions, cermet cutting and polishing equipment, zirconia dental sintering furnace and other equipment.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
The main usage of sublimation is sublimate organic mixed material to purify (recrystal after evaporation). The main object is organic material with sublimation feature mixed material with low characteristic(such as organic  acousto-opticproduct)or nanometer material.
Our company can manufacture various specifications apophorometer(small molecule purification)equipment like research&equipment, pilot and industralization

Booth Number 展位号:B27
Company Name芯师(上海)电子科技有限公司Silvaco China., Ltd.
Company Websitewww.silvaco.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Linda Ning 13764583217 Linda.ning@silvaco.com.cn
Company Profile:
Silvaco公司是世界领先的EDAIP供应商,提供用于工艺和器件开发以及模拟/混合信号,功率IC和存储器设计的软件工具。Silvaco为市场提供了完整的TCAD-to- sign-off流程,包括:显示、功率电子、光学器件、辐射和软误差可靠性、先进的CMOS工艺和IP开发。30多年来,Silvaco使得客户能以最短的时间,用更低的成本向市场提供更优质的产品。公司总部设在加州的圣克拉拉,并在北美、欧洲、日本和亚洲均设有办事处。
Silvaco, Inc. is a leading EDA and IP provider of software tools used for process and device development and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. Silvaco delivers a full TCAD-to- sign-off flow for vertical markets including: displays, power electronics, optical devices, radiation and soft error reliability and advanced CMOS process and IP development. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to bring superior products to market with reduced cost and in the shortest time. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
Silvaco拥有全球最完整的平板显示全流程EDA软件解决方案,基本上所有的日本、韩国、台湾及中国的面板厂商甚至终端领导厂商都是Silvaco客户。该方案包括TCAD工艺和器件仿真软件系统、A-Si/LTPS/Oxide TFTOLED器件SPICE模型提取软件UTMOST IVGateway/SmartSpice/SmartView电路设计及SPICE仿真软件包、CLEVER三维最高精度寄生电阻电容提取软件、Expert版图设计软件及Guardian DRC/LVS软件等。而且各个软件之间可以无缝地连接整合。
Silvaco provides the most complete EDA whole-flow software solution for the display market in the world. Almost all the panel makers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China and leading display terminal companies are Silvaco’s existing customers. The solution includes TCAD process & device simulation software, UTMOST IV for A-Si/LTPS/Oxide TFT and OLED device SPICE modeling, Gateway/SmartSpice/SmartView circuit design and simulation software package, Clever 3D high accuracy pixel-level RC extraction software, Expert layout software and Guardian DRC/LVS software etc. And all of these tools can be seamless integrated together as whole system.

Booth Number 展位号:B33
Company Name威格气体纯化科技(苏州)股份有限公司Vigor Gas Purification Technologies (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
Company Websitewww.vigorgb.cn
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Ean ayan@vigorgb.com 0512-82276095/18896581646
Company Profile:
Vigor is a world-class manufacturer of inert gas enclosures, purification systems, and cleanroom equipment. Founded in 2005 by PhD chemists, Vigor has developed innovative no-leak sealing technology, as well as proprietary gas purification systems that enable our users to experience leakage rates and impurity levels over an order of magnitude better than the industry standard. Vigor’s superior design can remove impurities (O2, H2O, N2) to ppb levels, and achieve ISO-2 level cleanness. Vigor has offices in the United States, China and Europe, as well as distributors located around the world. With a growing crowd of satisfied customers all over the globe and engaged in diverse fields, ranging from materials chemistry, to OLED manufacture, lithium battery research and production, laser welding, solar cells fabrication and nuclear applications – Vigor guarantees that your research or production is in good hands with the highest quality and most innovative technology on the glovebox market.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
Our purifier capacity or patented sealing technology is competitive. Vigor's all-welded stainless-steel design minimizes potential points of leakage and allows you to have a fast and easy initial set up. Our double vacuum seals enable customers to experience the lowest leakage rate in the industry (<0.001 Vol%/h). We combine our exceptional all-welded platform with only the high-quality components available: Siemens PLCs, Burkert valves, Edwards vacuum pumps, General Electric fuel cell oxygen analyzers, Xentaur moisture analyzers, and Fuji blowers. Our purification train is also the best on the market: its capacity is 2-3 times higher than other manufacturers. On top of this, each box is custom made, and any accessory you need can be easily integrated to make your research easier.

Booth Number 展位号:B34
Company Name广州新视界光电科技有限公司Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic Co., Ltd
Company Websitehttp://www.newvision-cn.com
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:
Company Profile:
新视界依托华南理工大学发光材料与器件国家重点实验室创立, 致力于新一代氧化物 TFT 技术研发与应用,是中国金属氧化物薄膜 晶体管、柔性 OLED 等新型显示技术的开拓者。新视界的核心业务聚焦新型显示技术产业,推动自主知识产权 的金属氧化物 TFT 技术发展与成果转化,同时为客户提供新产品、新技 术验证服务。
New Vision, founded by State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices at South China University of Technology focuses on developing new generation oxide TFT technology and application. It is a pioneer of metal oxide TFTs and flexible OLEDs R&D in China. New vision’s core business focuses on novel display technology industry, which promotes the development and commercialization of metal oxide TFT technology with independent intellectual rights, and provides verification services for new products and technologies for customers.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
可根据用户的需求,开发并提供小批量、定制化的柔性和刚性全彩色AMOLED 显示屏产品,应用于智能手机、手环等新产品研发中。可提供从柔性显示屏设计、TFT 制备、OLED 制备、IC 及驱动和模组开发等全流程一站式服务,满足客户的定制化研发需求。
We provide customized flexible or rigid full-color AMOLED displays, which could be applied to developments of smartphones, electronic bracelets or other products.
We also provide full services of flexible displays design, TFTs and OLEDs preparation,
IC driving and modules development.

Booth Number 展位号:B39
Company Name东丽分析技术开发(上海)有限公司Toray Research Center(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.(TRCS)
Company Websitehttps://www.toray-research.co.jp
Company PR Contact Name and Telephone/Email联系人:Xu_Ling@toray.cn
Company Profile:
东丽分析中心(TRC)曾是东丽株式会社的一个研究开发部门,19786月独立,成为法人公司。公司的基本理念是 “为社会奉献高端技术”,针对研究开发及生产技术中出现的问题,应“解析原因”和“解决问题”的需求,我们通过技术分析和物性解析为客户提供技术服务。自创立以来,公司始终把 “为客户服务•以诚取信”作为第一目标, 我们的座右铭是 “提供高水平•信赖可靠的技术”(Technology)和“严格为客户保守机密”(Trust)
Toray Research Center, Inc. (TRC) was founded in June 1978 by incorporating the analytical division of Toray Industries, Inc. Under the guiding principle of "Contributing to the society through advanced technologies," we have been engaged in providing technical support primarily for "cause analysis" and "problem solving" in the fields of research, development and manufacturing, using analytical techniques and physical analyses. Our primary and consistent corporate goal since the founding has been to help our clients and keep their trust. We have therefore continued to honor our corporate mottoes of "To provide advanced and reliable technology (TECHNOLOGY)" and "To strictly observe complete confidentiality (TRUST)
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
Detailed morphological studies using electron microscopy at the micro and nano levels, and elemental and state analyses in the ultramicroscopic region.
Investigating the surface and interfacial composition, structure, state and morphology of various materials.
From leading-edge semiconductor-related fields to organic materials, we carry out structural and compositional analyses of various materials to elucidate their atomic and molecular structures.
形态观察(Morphological Study
表面分析(Surface Analysis
结构分析(Structural Analysis
材料物性(Materials Characterization
纳米压痕(Nano-indentation)DMA DSC, TPD-MSTMA GPC-LS
有机分析(Organic Analysis) IR, µ-IR, GC/IR NMR, 2D-NMR MALDI-MS, GC/MS, LC/MS, PyGC/MS, P&T-GC/MSCHN, N/S/X痕量分析 (trace analysis)
无机分析(Inorganic Analysis)

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Company Name科特莱思科(上海)商贸有限公司 Kurt Lesker ShanghaiTrading Company,Inc.
Company Websitewww.lesker.com

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Monica 021-50115900 china@lesker.com
Company Profile:
KJLC, founded in 1954 as a regional distributor of vacuum components, has grown into a worldwide manufacturer /distributor of a comprehensive range of vacuum components, pumps, film deposition equipment, materials, and complete vacuum systems backed by innovative designs and responsive customer service. Working with an attentive eye toward quality, environmental stewardship of resources, and customer satisfaction, KJLC serves the research and development market at both the academic and commercial levels, as well as providing vacuum products and services to industry on a global scale.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
During the conference, KJLC will present professional organic film deposition equipment, metal evaporation instruments, deposition materials and related key components to the industry.
We will also share the latest products and technical information during this conference. At the same time, the process equipment operation manager of KJLC UK will also provide technical support to answer the questions of visitors to the company's booth. Welcome you to come and communicate at that time!


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Company NameGenISys GmbH
Company Websitehttps://genisys-gmbh.com/web/
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陈利奇 +886-910169069 taksatorn@genisys-gmbh.com
Company Profile:
Based in Munich, Germany, with offices in Tokyo, Japan, and San Francisco, California, GenISys develops markets and supports flexible, high-performance software solutions for the optimization of micro- and nano- fabrication processes. Addressing the market for lithography and inspection, GenISys combines deep technical expertise in layout data processing, process modeling, correction and optimization with world class software engineering and a strong focus on ease of use for applications in IC prototyping, mask production, DFM development and MEMS. For electron-beam direct write and mask manufacturing, our data preparation and proximity effect correction software helps to push the limits of electron-Beam technology. Since its foundation in 2005, GenISys has become a global market leader in the field of electron-beam lithography software and is expanding to related markets and applications.
Description of the Product or Service拟展示的产品或服务的描述:
GenISys是提供微纳米加工相关的软件供应商。其中应用范围包含半导体,平板显示器,光学掩模版,光学器件以及MEMS产业。LAB是完整的光学模拟軟件,能够仿真各微纳米加工的光刻胶曝光结果。支援的机台系统有接近式,投影式,激光直写,电子束直写。输入掩模版, 机台,以及材料参数,即可仿真以及优化光刻胶显影后的形状。
BEAMER是用在电子束以及激光直写上的数据优化软件。功能包含图形设计及数据处理,邻近效应校正, 以及最后配合个别厂商的曝光格式文件输出。