I-Zone at ICDT 2022

Calling All Cutting-Edge Display-Related Technologies

I-Zone will be provided for live demonstrations of emerging technologies in display-related areas. The exhibit is a sister event of the I-Zone at annual SID Display Week sponsored by the Society of Information Display. The I-Zone at ICDT 2022 will showcase the cutting-edge demos and prototypes that will lead to the products of tomorrow in the display-related areas.

The I-Zone offers start-up companies (Group A) and university/government laboratories (Group B) spaces and opportunities to present their prototypes or other hardware demo units or engineering samples for three days free of charge, and gives attendees a chance to view best-in-class emerging display-related technologies in a dedicated area. The organization committee is actively encouraging participation by small companies, startups, universities, government labs, and independent research labs.

Proposals to demonstrate new displays, input/interactive technologies, and innovations in related fields are now being solicited. Technologies should be in the pre-product stage, and demos that will be shown for the first time in a public forum at I-Zone are especially encouraged.

The I-Zone Selection Committee will evaluate submissions and select the strongest proposals to receive free space within the I-Zone. If their proposal is accepted, applicants must cover their own expenses, including travel, lodging, and the creation of a table-top exhibit demonstrating their prototypes. In addition, a knowledgeable person must be in presence, while the I-Zone is open to all attendees, to run the demonstration and answer questions.

The deadline for applying to the 2022 I-Zone at ICDT is April 3, Aprl 30, 2022.

Before submitting your application, please make sure that:

•Your demo or technology represents a novel advancement.

•Your demo or technology is not on the market.

Your proposal should include:

•A 100-word abstract describing your project, its innovation, and problem it is designed to solve or capability it will offer.

•A one-page summary describing in more detail the novelty and potential application for your product.

•Any relevant photographs, videos (no longer than 3 minutes), or diagrams.

For submission and any questions related to the I-Zone, please email: lujg@sjtu.edu.cn.

I-Zone and Roadshow of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Projects Committee

Chair: Jiangang Lu, Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University

ICDT 2022创新区


    ICDT 2022的I-Zone项目是SID国际显示周的姊妹项目,旨在提供显示相关新技术、新样机和新产品的一个平台。










ICDT 2022 创新区和创新创业项目路演组织委员会:

主席:上海交通大学 陆建钢教授