Exhibition Information



A Letter to Exhibitors

Dear Exhibitors,

Welcome to ICDT2021 exhibition show, the show will be held in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition& Convention center on June 7-9. Because the exhibition center is located in free trade zone, foreign exhibitors do not need to declare at China Customs for attending ICDT Exhibition. ICDT Display Technology Exhibition, held during International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT), is an excellent venue where display companies at home and abroad showcase hot display technology,promote display applications, stay ahead with display trend, explore potential customers, expand overseas market, and communicate with end-users. As one of highlights in ICDT, ICDT Exhibition attracts the whole display industry players,including material, equipment, panel manufactures and system integrator enterprises. It can satisfy different demands, like looking for up-stream resources, panels, and down-stream system integrators, reducing the cost of communicating with technical experts and enhancing brand image. It is hoped to promote technical exchanges and market cooperation among display industry practitioners all over the world through holding ICDT Exhibition.

As one of the most important international conferences sponsored by SID outside the United States,followed by the ICDT 2017 in Fuzhou, ICDT 2018 in Guangzhou, ICDT 2019 in Kunshan and ICDT 2020 in Wuhan, ICDT attracted over 1000 display professionals around the world, of which there were 20%-30% overseas attendees. ICDT has become annual international display conference. ICDT 2021 Exhibition will last two and a half days, with a planned area of 10,000 square meters, and thousands of professional visitors are expected to see the exhibition. There will be five special areas and five events in the exhibition hall, including exclusive display booth (customized booth & standard booth), I-zone, SID China Display Industry AwardCDIAExhibition Zone,Exhibitor Promotion and Exhibitor Technology Forum, Poster Session and, Vehicle Display and Smart Lighting Forum, Interactive Rich-media Technology and Industry Forum, New Technology & New Product Launch Event, Roadshow of Innovation Projects, CDIA Award Ceremony.

We would like to invite you to showcase your company’s display technology and product in our exhibition. You will enjoy heartfelt, considerate, and professional exhibition service from ICDT organizing committee. At the same time, ICDT exhibition will offer unparalleled opportunities to our exhibitors besides seeing and being seen. You can also vote on site and witness who will be the CDIA winner, get access to visionary keynote speech, the world-renowned international technical symposium and business conference at a discount price, have the chance to discuss face-to-face with top experts and gain valuable insights from industry icons inVIP banquet.

Looking forward to your presence in the ICDT Display Technology Exhibition. If you are interested in further promoting your company brand, welcome to be the ICDT 2021 sponsor.If you are a corporate member of SID Beijing Chapter, you will benefit from substantially lower exhibition fees at ICDT Exhibition.

Best regards,

ICDT Organizing Committee

Why exhibit at ICDT 2021?
Live Activities in ICDT 2021 Exhibition Area
ICDT 2021 Highlights

1Highly technical: Special Forum on Information Display Technology sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China

2High quality Talk with broad spectrum of technical topics: the world-renowned International Technical Symposium and dynamic keynote speakers.

3The most comprehensive and new event: Highly Integrated Semiconductor InformationDisplayHISIDForum, Vehicle display and smart lighting forum, Interactive Rich-media technology and Industry Forum

4Brainstorm of display industry playersDisplay Industry Future Technology Strategy SummitFTSto formulate roadmap for future display technology and industry development.

5Diverse and rich events: Roundtable Forum, Business Conference, Women in Tech, Display Future Star.

6Impact power: strategic cooperation relationship with overseas and domestic display societies or associations.

7Quality training and education4 technical seminars and 6 short courses about hot display technology.

What are Benefits of Becoming Exhibitors at ICDT
  • We dedicate special hours for exhibition visiting in the morning of June 7(10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the afternoon of June 8 to attract traffic to your booth.

  • Your company enjoy the privilege to send out VIP exhibition invitation to your (potential) customers so that they can visit your booth.

  • Enhance your company’s exposure and public awareness by publishing your company’s profile and product introduction in the ICDT 2021 conference brochure sent out to every attendee.

  • Your company’s name, booth number and company profile showed on the exhibition module of ICDT official website.

  • Your company’s website will be linked to your company’s exhibition info. on ICDT official website.

  • Allowed to use ICDT logo in your ICDT related marketing and exhibition promotion.

  • Enjoy opportunities to be seen in SID China social media platform.

  • Complimentary tea breaks available on the exhibition hall every day.

  • Provide 9m2 standard exhibition booth or a multiple of 9m2 exhibition booth, equipped with power supply, chairs and desks, transom, partition plateand table cloth.

  • In the exhibition area, exhibitors can use the exhibitor promotion stage*to publicize their products to consumers or hold new product launch conference,5-10 minutes free of charge. The publicity time is subject to the schedule arranged by the organizing committee.

  • Meet your products’ end-users and expand your end-user base.

*Free use the Exhibitor Promotion stage according to the order of registration.

The promotion timetable lasts if it is full.

Supports for Exhibitor

We are dedicated to giving ICDT exhibitors the best possible return on investment at the ICDT Exhibition. From assisting you in efforts to drive traffic to yourbooth, to providing exclusive value-added opportunities and services, we take every step to ensure the success of your exhibit.

n   Pre-Exhibition

        We conduct a comprehensive publicity campaign designed to drive traffic to the ICDT Exhibition. We Chat public platform, public relations, Web page, and broadcaste-mails are just some of the steps we take to promote ICDT exhibition and your booth.

        Please email your pre-exhibition promotional materials to selina@sidchina.orgso that we can assist you in outbound publicity efforts.

        Based on the promotion materials your company gives us, we will create an exclusive promotion for your company’s exhibiting at ICDT2021 at our social media platform.

        Show your company’s name, booth number and company profile on the exhibition module of ICDT official website.

        Your company’s website will be linked to your company’s exhibition info. on ICDT official website.

        Your company canuse ICDT logo in your ICDT related marketing and exhibition promotion.

n   During the Exhibition

The following benefits shall be enjoyed byall ICDT 2021 exhibitors after paying the booth fee.

        Enjoy one complimentary VIP banquet ticket.

      Exhibitors attend technical symposium at discount registration fee. Attendee from exhibitor company who also attend technical symposium will have to pay 2000 RMB (for SID Member) or 2600 RMB (for non-SID member) for the registration of events (which include Plenary Session of Keynote Speech on afternoon of June7, and about 300 technical presentations held in parallel in 7 meeting rooms onthe morning of June 7, morning of June 8 and whole day on June 9, buffet lunches and dinners on June 7-June 9 are also included), a 300 RMB discount compared to regular attendee; The registration fee for exhibitor only is 1000RMB, it includes all lunches and dinner for three days and one free ticket forVIP dinner banquet.

        Publish your company’s profile and product introduction without charge in the ICDT 2021 conference brochure which will be sent out to every attendee.

        Sponsorship opportunities: by becoming ICDT official sponsor, your company’s brand will hover in the mind of all the attendees for a long time after the conference ends. Sponsorship programs of various budget are available, like badge lanyards, tote bags, souvenir to name a few. In addition, we can work with your company to customize a sponsor scheme to achieve a maximum exposure and impact.

        Complimentary tea breaks available on the exhibition hall every day.

        Provide 9m2standard exhibition booth or a multiple of 9m2 exhibition booth,equipped with power supply, chairs and desks, transom, partition plate andtable cloth.

        In the exhibition area, exhibitors can use the exhibitor promotion stage to publicize their products to consumers or hold new product launch conference, 5-10 minutes per day free of charge. The publicity time is subject to the schedule arranged by the organizing committee.

        We will arrange the staff to shoot the wonderful moments of your booth.

n   Post-Exhibition

        To assist our exhibitors in marketing, after the exhibition, we will send an email blast toall the ICDT attendees.

        The highlights of your company’s booth will appear in the ICDT2021 promotional summary, seenin SID publicity platform and ICDT official website.

ICDT Display Technology Exhibition is an excellent platform for company to show emerging display technology, display application product, stay with the technology trend, explore customers, and talk with the end-users. If your company want to look for materials, devices,panel, or system integrators, if your company want to save the cost for communicating with the display professionals, expand brand influence, we highly suggest your company to exhibit at ICDT 2021. Call and reserve a booth today!

Booth Fee

ICDT 9m2 standard booth fee (Currency: RMB)

Reservation   Date

SID Gold Corporate Member

SID Silver Corporate Member

SID Basic Corporate Member

Non-SID Corporate Member

Before May 1, 2021





After May 1,   2021





Customized booth fee1m2 asper unit(Currency: RMB)

SID Corporate Member or not

SID Gold Corporate Member

SID Silver Corporate Member

SID Basic Corporate Member

Non-SID Corporate Member

Booth   Fee /m2





customized booth area. It does not include charge for designing and constructing the booth. Please contact booth builderon your own.

SID corporate membership includes gold, silver, and basic member.To apply or renew corporate membership, please email us. To obtain more information about SID Beijing Chapter corporate member policy, please check following link: http://www.sidchina.org/col.jsp?id=153

Note:To be qualified to enjoy ICDT 2021 booth discount, SID Beijing Chapter corporate membership must be valid till June 10, 2021.

Good News

Exhibitor Promotion and Exhibitor Technology Forum

The company who has registered to exhibit at ICDT 2021 shall enjoy 5-10 minutes to promote your company products on the exhibitor promotion stage. If your company cherish this chance, remember to tell us when you booking the booth. The publicity time is subject to the schedule arranged by the organizing committee.

The company who has not booked the booth at ICDT 2021 needs to pay fee to publicize products on the exhibitor promotion stage, 5000RMB/20 minutes.   

The exhibitor promotion and Exhibitor Technology Forum is set up in the exhibition hall, equipped with LED screen, console, stereo system, podium, and chairs. It will create high quality visual and sound effect. There will be an exhibitor forum at exhibition area from June 7 morning to June 9 noon. Every exhibitor shall enjoy 5-10 minutes to introduce your company’sproducts to the audience or hold a new product release conference free of charge.

*Free use the Exhibitor Promotion stage according tothe order of registration.

The promotion timetable lasts as long as it is full.

Contact us

Selina Zhang

E-mail: selina@sidchina.org

Tel.: +86-15605175801

Mindy Miao

E-mail: office-sidchina@sid.org

Tel.: +86-14759166586

Exhibition Information






ICDT显示技术展览会是国内外显示领域企业展示热门显示技术、推介显示应用产品,了解显示技术动态、发掘客户,拓展全球市场、与产品用户近距离交流的平台,于每年一度的国际显示技术盛会ICDT(国际显示技术大会)期间举办,是ICDT众多活动的亮点之一。汇聚显示行业上中下游企业,从材料、组件、设备,面板到系统集成商及终端产品,可同时满足众多显示行业从业者的不同需求,比如寻找可采用的上游原材料、组件、设备,洽谈显示面板资源,挖掘下游系统集成商,降低与技术人员的沟通成本以及扩大品牌影响力。举办ICDT 2021显示技术展览会旨在促进国内外显示行业从业者之间加强技术交流和市场合作,提高我国显示行业产业链的国际影响力。



期待贵司莅临参加ICDT显示技术展览会,如果贵司有进一步推广品牌的兴趣,欢迎贵司赞助ICDT 2021。如果贵司是SID北京分会企业会员,将享受参展优惠。



为什么来ICDT 2021参展?



ICDT 2021展区现场活动













ICDT 2021大会亮点



3跨界融合,综合性最强:将结合北京经济技术开发区的产业特点,举办今年新增的特色论坛:“交互式富媒体技术和产业论坛”、“高度集成半导体信息显示(Highly Integrated Semiconductor InformationDisplay, HISID)论坛”以及“车载显示及智能照明论坛”;





成为ICDT 2021参展商有哪些福利?

²   我们将在会议期间专门安排67日上午10-1330和8日下午的展会专场,期间不对外安排技术研讨会,这样所有的参会者都有机会参观贵公司的展区;

²   有机会为贵公司的客户和潜在客户发送VIP展览邀请函,邀请他们在三天展览期间免费参观贵公司的展位;

²   将贵公司信息和产品介绍免费刊登在会议手册的展览与产品指南中,分发给每位参会者,增加贵司大众曝光度和知名度;

²   会议官方网站的展览页面上显示贵公司名称、展位编号、公司简介和贵司拟展示的产品或服务介绍;

²   在会议官方网站的展览页面上可链接跳转到贵公司网站;

²   在贵公司与ICDT相关的营销和展览推广中使用ICDTlogo来宣传贵公司参加本次活动;

² 有机会在ICDT宣传平台中被刊登或引用;

²   展览现场每日供应免费茶水

²   提供基本9平方米的展区或9平方米倍数的展区,基本配备齐全,包括横楣、隔板、桌椅、电源,垃圾桶,桌布等;

² 在展区内免费使用展商宣传台向消费大众进行企业产品宣讲或者召开新产品发布会,5-10分钟,宣讲时间以组委会安排的时刻表为准*

²   ICDT 上与推动市场增长以及促进贵公司发展的终端用户见面,扩大贵公司的最终用户群



n   展览前







n   展览期间


Ÿ   享有一个免费参加VIP晚宴(7日晚)的名额;


        将贵公司简介免费刊登在会议手册的“展览与产品指南”中,包括公司名称,联系信息,展位号、贵司简介和贵司展示的产品和服务的描述,我们将会议手册分发给所有 ICDT 的与会者。

        赞助机会:若成为官方的ICDT 赞助商,参会者在展览结束后的很长时间还会记住贵公司的品牌名称。各种形式和大小的赞助都有:胸卡挂绳,手提袋,纪念品等等。此外,我们将与贵公司合作,根据贵司的需求创建一个定制化的最大曝光度和影响力的赞助形式。





n   展览后

        我们知道,展览结束后贵公司的工作仍在继续,整合营销活动全年都在进行中。在展览结束后,为了帮助我们的参展商挖掘客户,我们会后将发送推广邮件至ICDT 2021所有参会者。


ICDT显示技术展览会是企业展示热门显示新技术、显示应用产品、了解技术动态、发掘客户,向产品用户宣讲的绝佳平台,不容错过。如果贵司想要寻找可采用的上游材料、设备技术,显示屏资源,挖掘下游系统集成商,降低与技术人员的沟通成本,扩大品牌影响力,我们建议贵公司来ICDT 2021显示技术展览会参展,可谓一举多得,今天就预定一个展位吧!






























SID北京分会企业会员包括金牌会员、银牌会员、基本会员,申请或续订企业会员资格,请电邮联系我们。预知更多关于 SID 北京分会企业会员权益,请点击下方链接:http://www.sidchina.org/col.jsp?id=153

注:SID 北京分会企业会员必须在2021 610日之前有效,才能获得ICDT 2021企业会员参展折扣的资格







Selina Zhang

E-mail: selina@sidchina.org

Tel.: +86-15605175801

Mindy Miao

E-mail: office-sidchina@sid.org

Tel.: +86-14759166586