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Welcome   Message

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the 2024 International Conference on Display Technology.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of ICDT 2024, I would like to sincerely appreciate your attention to the ICDT 2024 to be held in Heifei Binhu International Conference & Exhibition Center, Hefei, China, with conference from March 31 to April 3 and exhibition from April 1 to April 3.

International Conference on Display Technology(ICDT) 2024 is hosted by The Society for Information Display (SID) Beijing Chapter, Fuzhou University, and organized by SID China. Last year ICDT 2023 attracted over 2000 attendees, of which more than 1500 symposium attendees. The ICDT has become a premier conference for the academic, industry, and business leaders toexchange views, share the latest R&D progress of the information display.

Along with visionary keynote speeches delivered by big names in academics and business, ICDT 2024 also offers various events, including 57 Technical Symposiums covering 17 technical topics, Business Conference, Technical Seminars & Short Courses,   Display Future Star Cup Debate Competition, Innovation Competition, Nano-LED and Light Field Display Forum,Micro/Mini LED Display Core Technology Road Map Forum, SID China Display Industry Awards (CDIA) Ceremony, Future Display Technology Strategic Summit (FTS), Young Leader Conference, Metaverse and Display Forum, larger-scale Exhibition, Exhibition Forum, Innovation-Zone, Roadshow of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects, New Technology and New Product Public Release and Poster Session, ect.

The Conference topics cover a wide range of new display technology aswell as the latest development of manufacturing technology. ICDT will be good venue to exchange ideas between display professionals and toestablish collaboration with broad spectrum of researchers and key industry players around the world.

We truly hope that you will take this chance to join us in China. There will be many attractive social events for participants to experience and enjoy the Chinese culture.We believe your participation will greatly enrich ICDT2024, and it should also offer you an opportunity to share the latest progress and your view with other display professionals. We lookforward to seeing you at ICDT 2024.

Sincerely yours,


Qun (Frank)Yan, Ph.D.

Director, SID Beijing Chapter

ICDT2024 Executive Chair




我谨代表ICDT 2024组委会,衷心感谢您对ICDT 2024的关注,此次会议将于20243月31-4月3日,展会将于4月1-3日在合肥滨湖国际会展中心举行。

2024国际显示技术大会由国际信息显示学会(SID)北京分会、福州大学主办;国际信息显示学会中国区(SID China)承办。去年,ICDT 2023吸引了2000多名观众,其中1500名研讨会观众。ICDT已经成为学术界、产业界和商业界领袖会面、发布结果和分享信息显示技术的重要会议。



我们相信,您的参与将极大地丰富ICDT 2024ICDT也将为您提供与其他显示专业人士分享最新进展和观点的机会。我们期待着在ICDT见到您。






ICDT 2024大会执行主席