Guideline for Abstract Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract to ICDT 2019. We recommend reviewing the Submission Guidelines prior to submitting your abstract. The Deadline for abstract submission is JANUARY 6TH, 2019. Please click the button to submit an abstract online before the deadline. After reviewing by ICDT technical committee, accepted papers will be published in ICDT 2019  proceedings for purposes of tracking talks  during ICDT. With the author's consent, the  paper in the proceedings will be published at《SID International Symposium Digest of Technical Paper》at Wiley Online, the paper can be searchable on the Internet. Submitted paper of ICDT will be selected to be published at Journal of Society for Information Display (JSID).The conference program committee will select three distinguished papers and two best student papers. Leading author of distinguished paper will be awarded one year free SID membership and leading author of the best student paper will be awarded student traveling grants of 5000 RMB for attending Display Week 2019 at San Jose , CA. We wish you the best of luck, and we hope to see you all in Suzhou, China in March 26-29, 2019.
      欢迎向2019国际显示技术会议(ICDT)投稿,投稿之前请先阅读投稿指南。投摘要截止日期为:2019年1月6日,请在此之前请点击按钮在线提交摘要。本次会议所有被接收的论文,都将发表在会议论文集上,会议论文集仅供会议期间学习与交流使用;征得作者同意的文章,将发表在Wiley Online出版的《SID International Symposium Digest of Technical Paper》上,文章可以在网上被检索到;其中经技术委员会推荐的论文将被推荐到JSID(SCIE收录)期刊上发表。同时,本次会议的程序委员会将会遴选出三篇优秀论文和两篇优秀学生论文。优秀论文的第一作者将会授予一年免费SID会员资格,优秀学生论文的第一作者将会给予5000元人民币交通补助用于参加在加利福尼亚圣何塞举办的Display Week 2019。我们衷心希望与您在此次大会相会。

The submitted abstract will either be accepted (oral or poster) or rejected based on technical merits evaluated by technical committee. The accepted abstract might be reassigned to an oral or poster presentations of appropriate topical session at the discretion of program committee. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent via an e-mail to the corresponding author by Jan 25, 2019. After receiving the acceptance notification, please submit the full paper online. The deadline for submission of the paper is Feb 24, 2019. After reviewing by ICDT technical committee, submitted paper of ICDT will selected to be published at Journal of Society for Information Display. Please be informed that the presenter of each accepted papers must complete his/her registration and pay the registration fee ; otherwise the papers will be withdrawn from the proceedings publication.

Submission Guidelines-Abstract Template

Before uploading the abstract, please click to download the Format Template. Please prepare your abstract in MS Word for the  submission. 

Format of Submission

Number of pages allowed for the paper is ONLY 1 page.

The Title should be concise and informative enough to facilitate understanding of the paper. Acronyms should not be in the Title. Authors' names should preferably be written in full name for all publications to facilitate indexing and avoid ambiguities.

The text should be in 11 point Times New Roman with single spacing. We normally recommend the use of 1.0 (single) line spacing. However, when typing complicated mathematical text it is important to increase the space between text lines in order to prevent sub- and super-script fonts overlapping one another and making your printed matter illegible.

Large figures and tables may span across both columns. Figure captions should be centered below the figures; table captions should be centered above. Avoid placing figures and tables before their first mention in the text. Use the abbreviation "Fig. 1," even at the beginning of a sentence. Figure axis label are often a source of confusion. Use words rather than symbols. Tables should be presented in the form shown in Table1. Their layout should be consistent throughout. Equations are placed in center and should be preceded and followed by one line of white. If they are numbered, make sure that they are numbered consecutively. Place the numbers in parentheses. Flush with the right-hand margin of the column and level with the last line of the equation. Graphics may be full color. All colors will be retained on the USB Proceeding. Graphics must not use stipple fill patterns because they may not be reproduced properly. Please use only SOLID FILL colors which contrast well both on screen and on a black-and-white hardcopy.

A Reference section should follow the text. Reference should be made to the full list of authors rather than to first author followed by an abbreviation such as et al.




     正文字体大小为11px,类型为Times New Roman,单倍行间距。通常建议使用1.0倍(单倍)行间距。然而,在键入复杂数学文本时,需要增加文本之间的距离,以避免出现文本间重叠,使得打印内容无法辨认的情况出现。


     参考文献部分应该在正文之后。应当提到参考文献作者的完整名单,而不是第一个作者后跟着缩写,如et al。

Don't hesitate to submit your abstract!