First Call For Papers

The ICDT 2018 Committee cordially invites you to submit papers for oral and poster presentations. All papers will be reviewed by the

Technical Program Committee and assigned to the appropriate session for oral and poster presentations.

ICDT 2017委员会诚挚邀请您提交论文以作为口头报告或海报报告。所有的论文将由技术委员会审阅,并分配到口头报告和海报报告。

ICDT 2018 Topics
First Call for Papers

As part of the technical symposium covering the broad range of information display topics listed, ICDT 2018 will feature topical sessions which focus specifically on selected issues or key developments. Paper submissions are welcome for any of the general symposium topics or for any of the specific topical sessions described below.

作为ICDT 2018的一部分,技术研讨会覆盖了广泛的信息显示主题,ICDT 2018的研讨会将特别关注选定的议题或者关键的发展。任何一般研讨会议题或以下任何具体的主题会议,欢迎投稿任一如下所述的研讨会主题。

1. TFTs of New Materials and Processing Technologies

2. High-Performance TFTs & Active-Matrix Displays

3. TFT Device Physics, Characterization and Modeling

4. Pixel Circuits and Backplane for Current Driving Displays

5. Novel TFT Circuits and Hybrid TFT Integration

6. Active-Matrix Displays with Integrated Sensors

7. New Applications of TFTs and Active-Matrix Devices

Applied Vision

1.  Quantitative Visual Functional Assessment for Display

2. Color Vision and Color Rendering

3. Brain Display Interaction


1. AR/VR Display Devices and Applications

2. Naked-Eye AR technologies and applications

3. AR/VR Contents Generation, Capture and Development

4. Medical Applications for AR/VR

5. The Standardization and Performance Evaluation of AR/VR Products

Display Applications

1. Applications of Flat Display

2. Applications of 3D Display

3. Applications of Wearable Display

4. Applications of Environment Display

5. Applications of other Display

Display Electronics

1. Display drivers and Driving technology

2. Image/Video capture and processing

Display Measurement

1. Characterization of Perceptible Display Phenomena

2. Calibration and Verification of Instrumentation

3. Optical Property Modeling of Display Technologies

4. Measurement Methods for Near-to-Eye Displays for AR, VR, and Other Applications

5. Advances in Display Measurements Standards

6. Solid-State-Lighting Metrology and Characterization

7. Optical Characterization and Measurement of High-Dynamic Range and Wide-Color-Gamut Displays

8.Optical Characterization and Measurement of Light-Field and 3D Displays

Display Manufacturing

1. Manufacture of TFT Devices, Arrays, and Circuits

2. Manufacture of LCDs and Other Non-Emissive Display Panels

3. Manufacture of OLEDs and Other Emissive Display Panels

4. Display Module Manufacturing for All Display Technologies

5. Display Material and Component Manufacturing

6. Manufacturing Equipments for All Display Technologies

Display Systems

1. Novel Displays System Technology

2. Novel Backlight Module

3. Performance Optimization of Display system

Emissive Displays

1. QLED Materials


3. Micro-LED


E-paper and Flexible Displays

1. Flexible Electronic

2. Electronic Paper

3. Flexible OLEDs and Key Material Technology

4. Flexible TFTs

5. Flexible LCD and New Materials

Liquid-Crystal Technology
1. Flexible and Conformable LCDs

2. Fast response LC and High dynamic range LCDs

3. Wide color gamut and QD enhanced LCDs

4. LC based modulators and sensors

5. LC alignment technologies


1. Human-centric Lighting

2. Engineering Lighting

3. Display Light Sources


1. OLED Materials

2. OLED Devices

3. OLED Display - Mobile Displays, Flexible & Wearable OLED

4. OLED TV and Large Area Applictions

Printing Displays

1. Printed Display Materials

2. Processing and Devices of Printing Display

3. Printing TFT

4. (Support by OE-A)Flexible and Printed Electrons


1. Laser Projection Display and Key Devices & Applications

Touch and Interactive Displays

1. Touch Sensor Technology & Touch Panel Process

2. Novel Interactive Displays

Vehicle Displays

1. 3D Display Applied in Automotive Application

2. Integrated Touch Applied in Automotive Application

3. Display Applied in Automotive Smart Trim