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Conference Announcement

The whole flat panel display industry in China has accumulatively invested more than $70 billion, the manufacturing of display panel has become China's third largest manufacturing industry. With the enrichment of investment, the scale of investment in flat panel fab will continue to increase, China's panel production scale is expected from the current third place to become the top one in the world by 2019. China has become the new driving engine for the global display industry. Under new circumstances, the Society for Information Display (SID) will set up operations entity in China,outside of the United States for the first time, and organize the international conference on Display Technology (ICDT). The second International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT) 2018 will be held on April 9-12,2018 in LuoGang Convention Center, Guangzhou, China. ICDT 2018 is hosted jointly by the Society for Information Display (SID) Beijing Chapter, SID Taipei Chapter and SID Hong Kong Chapter, and organized by South China Normal University, South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University , Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co.,Ltd, HKUST State Key Laboratory on Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies, SID China, OE-A and Fuzhou University.
      中国企业在平板显示全产业链累计投资超过了700亿美元, 显示屏的生产已经成为中国第三大制造产业。随着投融资模式不断丰富,中国面板厂的投资规模将继续加大,预计到2019年中国的面板生产规模将从现在的全球第三成为全球第一,中国已经成为全球新型显示产业增长的重要引擎。在此背景下,国际显示学会(Society for Information Display, SID)将首次在美国之外的中国建立运营中心,并组织国际显示技术会议(ICDT)。第二届ICDT会议将于2018年4月9日至12日在中国广州召开。本次会议由国际信息显示学会(SID)北京分会、台北分会和香港分会联合主办,并由华南师范大学、华南理工大学、中山大学、广东聚华印刷显示技术有限公司、香港科技大学先进显示与光电子技术国家重点实验室、SID China、OE-A和福州大学共同组织承办。

ICDT 2018 will focus on the following 7 special topics and 17 symposium topics for a wide range of new display technology as well as the latest development of manufacturing technologies throughout the Asia region and especially in China.ICDT will be a good venue to exchange ideas between display professional and to establish collaboration with broad spectrum of researchers and key industry players around the world, especially in China.
      此次大会将聚集显示企业精英和学术界翘首围绕信息显示领域的7个专题和17个主题展开交流, 旨在积极推进亚洲范围内尤其是中国的显示技术的研究和智能制造技术发展。参加此会议将提供机会与蒸蒸日上的中国显示生产企业的技术人员进行充分交流与合作。
Preliminary Program
Highlights of ICDT 2018

Looking back at ICDT 2017, are you looking forward to ICDT 2018 ? ICDT 2018 will be a powerful combination: 1. ICDT 2018 will be held together with Intelligent Display Manufacturing Conference(IDMC) and will be held together with IDMC every two years. 2. ICDT 2018 and OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) will hold flexible printing electronic session together.and the next every year we will cooperate with OE-A about the session.

回顾了ICDT 2017,大家是不是对ICDT 2018充满期待,ICDT 2018将是强强联合:

1. 将与智能显示制造会议(IDMC)共同举办,以后每两年与IDMC共同举办

2. 与国际柔性电子协会(OE-A)一同举办“柔性印刷电子”主题,以后每年都将与OE-A合作该主题。

Host & Organizer
Hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) Beijing Chapterthe Society for Information Display(SID)Taipei Chapterthe Society for Information Display(SID)Hong Kong ChapterOrganized by South China Normal UniversitySouth China University of Technology Sun Yat-sen University Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co.,LtdHKUST State Key Laboratory on Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies
SID ChinaOE-AFuzhou UniversitySupporting PartnerChina Video Industry Association (CVIA)Shenzhen Display Industry Association (SDIA)Nanjing Flat Panel Display Industry Association (NDIA)Sichuan Flat Panel Display Industry AssociationChina Dispaly Training SchoolCODA
主办方国际信息显示学会北京分会国际信息显示学会台北分会国际信息显示学会香港分会承办方华南师范大学华南理工大学中山大学广东聚华印刷显示技术有限公司香港科技大学先进显示与光电子技术国家重点实验室SID ChinaOE-A福州大学支持单位中国电子视像行业协会中国光学电子行业协会液晶分会
Key Dates

-Deadline for Submission of Technical Summaries (Jan. 06, 2018)
Extended to Jan.21, 2018 (Sat.)
-Papers Out for Review, Oral /Poster (Jan. 21, 2018)
-Accept/Reject Letters e-Mailed (Jan.31, 2018)
-Advance Program Posted on Web Site (Jan. 31, 2018)
-Deadline for Submission of Papers (Feb. 25, 2018)
Final Program Posted (Mar. 30, 2018)
-ICDT 2018 (Apr. 9-12, 2018)

-ICDT 2018 (2018/4/9-12)
Overview of ICDT 2018